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    quote Docmortal:

    Sorry for everyone’s troubles on this compressor. I want to thank the originator of this post and everyone who contributed all your information and research. Pretty much have read this whole post what a bad adventure.

    Luckily I do a lot of research before spending a large amount of money on anything. I was so close to buying one of these.!

    Looks like it will be a shoebox compressor for me I can deal with the long fill times.

    Thanks Again Guys !! Saved my ass LoL

    You are welcome. :8:


    Finally had a chance to to another refill from 3000 – 4500 psi, 88cf Airhog tank, with Royal Purple oil. Went smoothly, took about 30 minutes, with one break in between (no reason for that, just wanting to be safe). The temperature never went above 52C.

    I did this outside since I was afraid I was going to get the oil mist I had when I first ran the compressor, and also because it’s pretty damn loud. I did not notice any oil mist…so maybe it was the “bad” oil that was originally shipped with the compressor. Highly recommend Royal Purple compressor oil…

    I’m liking this compressor so far. It’s great for what I want, which is top of my 88cf tank from 3000 – 4500 psi. The shoebox would take forever!!!

    Next on my list to do is find a garden hose adapter so I can run that directly to the compressor and have the water drain out to the drain (outside).

    Thought this was a bust, but after changing the oil and ALSO upgrading all the oring, money well spent.

    quote TalonSniper:

    Before considering buying a Compressor be forewarned many have found it to be nothing but trouble dealing with the machine as well as the vendor

    And yet AGAIN here is is F’ing with someone’s $$$$$$$.

    He got the guy for a bum compressor and then accepted the return with $$$ added for a Huben. Huben wasn’t up to par and told to return.

    A month later he returns only the additional $$$$ – no compressor $$$$ returned…………………but – I think he is saying “Check’s in the mail”……we all know those 3 lies……


    It’s STILL begin advertised as having three cylinders! Yep, integrity.


    Amazing he is not in jail for consumer fraud


    People need to pay attention.

    Over the years MROD AIR Michael Esch has had many post about their dealings with him.

    If you do business with him you will get exactly what many others have gotten.


    Mine stopped 4 mins into filling my GW. I didn’t smell anything burning or see any burnt spots from arcing on the contactor. There are a couple plastic fins busted off it. Pulled the top panel off taped the contactor and other piece that are wired together plugged it back in to see if it would start again. Big no not even a light on the on switch came on. Also what’s the other part called wired to the ac contactor?


    MIK , guess you didn’t read the extra fine print on the warranty where it states that if you actually try to turn on
    and run the compressor that the warranty becomes immediately void . :suprisedn: Hope you can get it fixed .



    Well while I have the top panel off I can rigg up something for the contactor and relay to be mounted on. Warranty haven’t even contacted Mrodair.


    The other part is a relay. They used that to latch the contactor on once it starts and flip the logic so the auto stop will work. All the control circuitry is also at full line voltage to save money on parts.

    Check you on/off rocker switch and see that its contacts are still intact. The on load and off arcing quickly ruin that switch. It is handling amperage way above its rating. The contacts will burn out or fuse together.

    This twin cylinder, repeatedly copied design, is really brutal with components pushed to maximal mechanical limits. It takes a life shortening strategy to get a higher CFM out of the mechanical design. It can only work long term if the rate is slowed down and cooling improved. We were sold this as a long lasting compressor design that was fully tested and “improved.” In reality, it is a machine that should be considered a disposable.


    Hi guykuo
    Found the problem or at least one problem. I leave the cord for the compressor plugged in the wall socket. And plug it into the compressor 3 prong plug inlet. All the arcing was going on in there. Pretty sure that multi times plugging and unplugging there weakened the grip on the prongs with all the vibration this thing puts out it eventually lost connection. Top rocker switch working fine. So the compressor kicked on the ran then the inlet cord plug arced a couple times. I hit the shut off compressor shut down. Now the cord plug seems to be welded to the prongs on the electrical inlet plug on the compressor.
    Unplugged it mounted the relay and contactor back on the din rail screwed it back on the panel and back together.
    So the compressor is back running. I wouldn’t attemp filling with it till I cut out the failing inlet plug.


    That IEC connector is NOT rated for the amperage draw of the compressor. Not surprising it failed.

    You could bypass the connector. Use strain relief like I had in mine and directly wire in your power cord. You’ll also note that the supplied power cord itself is also not rated for the amperage draw. That’s why I completely replaced my cord as well.


    Phew! Finally got most of the picts re-uploaded and fixed the image links in my main posts.

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