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Mower problem -problem resolved!??

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    Got my mower back a few days ago and had a chance to use it.
    Worked fine, no sign of any problem it had at the beginning of this post.

    Neighbor worked on it and tried it out and problem would not repeat at all.

    He adjusted the overhead valves back to specs.
    They should have had a gap setting of 4 thousands of an inch
    Actual before adjustment was …. 14 thousands of an inch 😯 😯

    No damage done to engine, looks like I got lucky.
    I will be having it checked each year now.

    Cost me only $25.00 for his labor! And he picked it up and spent 1.5 hrs on it altogether he said.

    Thanks to all who suggested a fix. It was indeed the valve gap causing the issue, and the oil was leaking in and causing the problem.



    great news, and for $25.00 buy that man a cold 12’er for his work, as a tip.
    Beeeeer !!!!!!!:18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18 :18
    Now get out there and do some mowing 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




    Good to hear your engine is running ok now. However, I’m not convinced. Excessive valve clearance doesn’t cause problems with oil. It means the valve opens later than it should and closes earlier, and you get less than the proper amount of valve lift. This would certainly lead to poor performance, but not on an intermittent basis; it’d be poor all the time. I’d say there was still a gremlin to figure out here. But can’t argue with success… congrats on your fixed mower.



    I think it is a bit odd that a valve adjustment would have that effect too.
    He also cleaned the carburator, but that still leaves the mystery of how the oil got into the cylinder… ????

    I am going to try asking around at certified Briggs & Stratton repair shops. Perhaps they would have an idea of what it was and if it may come back, etc. Perhaps I’ll even send an email to B&S asking their engineers WTF?



    Concur with Walt. If it happens again note what color the smoke. Blue/gray is oil. Black with soot is a rich air/fuel ratio.

    In the process of cleaning the carb he might have cleared the problem. Time will tell.


    It was definately oil. White/lite blue.
    Was quite a cloud the first few times, couldn’t even see the front of the mower from the seat!!!
    Came out of the muffler, ran rough and louder.
    Oil was down slightly afterwards, so I will be watching oil consumption now very closely, never had a problem with that before this happened.

    So far, no indication of any of the previous problems, but will be mowing entire 1 acre lawn in a day or so. Another neighbor used it on his lawn the other day as his tractor was in the shop and not a sign of trouble.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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