Mounting the NVMT

I was wondering if yellow ninja or anyone else had a tutorial on how to mount the NVMT. Also, I have the 4×50. Should I buy a different lens for it?


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Do they sell the 1x lens?

The 4x lens will make whatever scope magnification you use it with 4x more.

So if your using it on a scope with a 4x lens, your magnification will be 4×4 = 16x. I personally like a low powered lens… no more than 6x for hunting with NV.

Also, even if you dont mind the high magnification the scope is providing a large FOV, but the NV with its 4x lens will only take the small central part and magnify that so the image will not be as bright. Its also harder to get everything to line up as theres a smaller margin of error.

IIRC bones used a flat peice of plastic and drilled two holes in it to connect to the NVMT’s tripod mount (it has 2 1/4-20″ holes underneath) and then used a hose clamp and a rubber or pvc plumbling reducer rto mount it behind the scope.

I’ll take a look through my pictures and see if I can find some.

OR… you can try and find one of these..


They have them on the Yukon site, and I’ve seen guys in england mention buying one but couldnt find an online retailer that stocks them… but I’m thinking about getting the 1x NVMT and one of these when I can find one.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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