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    I am mounting a scope on a used SS .177 that I bought. I keep having a problem of not enough vertical adjustment. It is hitting way low at 9 yards. First I thought that it was the mounts (cheap Wallyworld mounts) so I bought a set of Burris Signature Zee airgun/.22 rings and inserts. I was still way low so I put the +20 on the bottom in the back and then the +10 on the top in the front and it is still low. Then I tried a different scope and it had the same problem. I guess that my question is should I be looking at the barrel bushings or something like that.



    With the high mount on the AF guns it is normal that some people run out of vertical adjustment when shooting short distances.

    Get shorter mounts, or a more expensive or large bodied scope – 30mm scopes usually have more adjustment.



    You need to shim your rear scope mount, or buy adjustable mounts.

    You can use the plastic from any blister type pakaging for a shim.

    You might even have to use two.

    Good Luck


    My Dad ran out of right/left adjustment on his and ended up finding his bushings were a little sloppy and when he tightened the bushing screws it canted the barrel…he made some new bushings and that fixed his left/right problem…

    He had to use a shim on the mount so he could zero at 10 yards up and down though…they do make an adjustable scope riser also to deal with this problem…but the shim does basically the same thing.



    be on target at about 30 yds….be carful installing shims on rail mounted rings. if you don’t lap and tight down to much it will crease the scope tube.


    I will try a shim under the rear mount. I am not worried about stressing the scope tube since the Burris rings take care of that problem. I was hoping that there was something in the bushings and barrel to look at.

    Thanks all for the advice.


    I had the same problem when I first got my Talon and tried to sight in the scope in my garage to as to not disturb the neighbors.

    I just had to back up a couple more yards then everything was fine. The poster above who mentioned the high mounts required on the Talon was correct in that this is what makes the problem you are seeing worse for the Talon than some other guns. You might want to download a copy of Chairgun software. It’s a great software program that shows you the path your pellet will take at all different ranges, and when it will coincide wth your scope sight line, etc. One of the most useful things it can do is show you at what range you want to sight your rifle in for your needs.

    Good luck,


    Any reason why you couldnt put the shim under the rings clamp, between the ring base and scope rail, instead of inside the ring itself?


    I think that you want to put it under the clamp and not inside the ring. I would be able to put one inside since the Burris rings use inserts as it is. Thanks

    I will look at chairgun. The only problem is I don’t have a chrono to get the velocity right now.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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