Mounting a Morgan Adjustable Pad

This isnt that hard a mod, but I’m posting it so that the guys who are unsure how it mounts or how much work it is can see and maybe make the leap. It took me a long time to get arond to buying one, and along with the Ergo grip I’m very glad I did. Now when I shoulder rifle its in the same spot every time and there’s no shuffling to get the right position.

First the really easy way…

Here are the Parts you get with the Morgan laid out.

Remove the AF butt plate from the Bottle (not used for this version).

Use the existing bolt from the AF plate too attach the base plate of the Morgan using the top hole.


That method works fine and is super simple. I left mine that way for a few weeks until I finally decided today that there is no excuse for me to not do it “properly” and make it a bit more secure and look a bit nicer and professional (IMHO).

For the slightly more involved method you’ll need some tools.

I took the pad to the hardware store and found a bolt that fit the countersunk recess in the Morgan mounting plate. 8-32 fit perfectly so I bought two.

Then line up the holes in the morgan and mark, drill and tap corresponding holes in the AF plate.

The bolts I bought are a bit long.

so I used a dremel cut off tool to mark and then cut them to the correct length and a grinder to finish.

Then simply attach the morgan plate to the AF plate and mount to the gun.

Attach the Morgan pad and all done.

I’m going to touch it up with some paint to hide where I ground the bolts flat, but other than that its all done and took about 20 minutes (10 minutes spent finding the right tools)

Cue WOK posting his…


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Just saw that http://www.midwayusa.com has the Morgan aluminum plate you can buy separately on sale for about $13.00 for anyone that has the plastic one. It’s a cheap way to upgrade.


I edited your post so the pictures appear in the post instead of links

Thanks for that, nice to see another way to do it.

This is what I did: Because the plate which holds the bolt socket is very wobbly and rotates, I removed the rubber and the plate, added one wrap of dock tape at the end of the bottle, drilled a hole in the center of a 2″ PVC end cap to accept the bolt socket. Remove the socket from the Teflon plate and added it to the PVC. Installed the cap on the bottle over the tape. Added the Teflon plate over the end cap and re-installed the rubber. I did not have the patient to slide back the rubber so I sut it and sowed it back (A bit lousy at that). Added an adjustable Gehmann butt pad. Now I have a very stable butt pad. You can drill a hole and add a second screw for more stability. The bottle does not sit completely to the bottom of the cap adding about an inch this allows the screws protruded some with no damages to the bottle.

If you don’t like the edge cause by the cap you can cover the bottle with PVC 2″ union just sand the center stopper.

Go curved as it allows for a more precise mounting of the weapon every time. AKULA

I prefer curved so that when I shoulder the rifle it goes to the same place every time.

Which is prefered Straight or Curved?

Adam’s right, here’s their site: http://www.gamaliel.com/cart/home.php?cat=304
Hope that’s helpful to someone!


Oops! Wrong one, try this instead: http://www.morganrecoilpad.com/index.html

I heard you can get aluminum again. They are sold separately by morgan I believe

I prefer black over silver… but then again I could always paint the aluminum version.

Would have been nice if they had dropped the price when they went cheaper.

Yeah, its to bad you cant get the ali ones anymore (

I have mine mounted the first way too. However my Morgan mounting plate is aluminum. not plastic.

I mounted the Morgan, extra long butt plate, using the first method Y showed (single screw). It’s been mounted for a few months now. It works great! But then again, I don’t crush the gun when shooting. Mounting the gun is much easier as Y stated. Aquisition of targets is much faster as the Morgan allows for a more ergonomic fit to my frame. AKULA

The Morgan is attached to the AF plate via two screws. But the whole thing is still attached to the Tank with that single stock screw – Its pretty secure in spite of that. I dont have a problem with it rotating or anything.

It is a bit stiffer with the steel AF butt plate backing the plastic morgan… BUT in use its not noticable.

That post was awesome. Thanks Yellow Ninja! 😉

I think he is using two screws when he mounts it to the AF plate, he only shows one screw that is trimmed in the photo but the other hole is threaded as well…

Pretty sweet how to, thanks!!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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