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    Hi – Looking for something for the bug out bag.
    Most Powerful, Weather Resistant, Reliable AirGun (NonPCP) and Quiet are my sell points
    Light and compact would be nice too. Powerful enough to take large rabbits at up to 100yards? Open sights.
    Rail mount for optics would be nice but not a deal breaker

    What do you guys think?


    Ruger 10/22 forget the springer. :biggrinn:


    I have to agree with Blacktal , any decent 22 Lr. will work , I do not know any springers that would shoot that well at 100 yards
    and be able to take game the size you intent to harvest .



    You’re not going to get any kind of accuracy at 100 yds. with a springer. I’ve got two excellent ones. a “workhorse” RWS 48 and a Weihrauch HW97K. Both are .22. The HW87K has killed squirrels out to about 70 yds. My guess is the limit is close to that, in terms of accuracy.

    For survival, there’s no question that knowing edible wild plants and how to use them is almost always a better use of calories spent for calories and nutrition gained. Meat and fish supply protein, iron, a lot of minerals, etc., but lack Vitamin C, unless you eat them raw. In a social collapse, figure the game will be depleted first and most of the game that survives will be nocturnal.

    A lot of edible plants die to the ground and are invisible during the cold months=they are easy to keep secret. Apios, American Groundnut, has high protein, edible tubers which can be dug any time of the year, It’s native to the eastern US. Cattails have several edible parts. The list is vast. I see these plants wherever I go; no worries about starving unless the country or planet is wiped.

    As for getting meat, learning how to set deadfall traps and snares are some of the best survival skills. I’ve studied and practiced outdoor survival for over thirty years. It takes little energy or time to set snares and they work 24 hours a day. It’s easy to make them using thin, braided metal fishing leader and drilled-out washers as “stops”. But, they are also very cheap to buy.,


    Man thats a tall order. I have a finly tuned rws 470th in 177 and a 350 mag in 22. Both are very accurate and the 470 repeatedly can hit pop cans at 100 yds but using a springer on game that moves from that distance i think id skip it and shoot at something closer.

    Like said above a 22 lr would be 1/2 the price also.


    The only advantage a .22LR has over a good air rifle is power. With most rifles and ammo you are lucky to get 1″ groups at 50 yards, despite what a lot of PB folks claim.

    Instead of a sproinger you might give serious consideration to something like a Benji 392 multi-pump. They are compact, light, relatively quiet and can easily take small game at 50 yards.


    Beeman RX/Hw90 series in 22/25… :geekn:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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