Morgan adjustable pad, dims.

Would someone give me the length and width of a morgan adjustable pad?? I want to bring my buttstock down to that size seems like a good size for a butt stock. Thanx, BD

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Thank you friends.

Thanks Y.

I’ve seen some guys add Morgan pads to their AirForce rifles. What size would I need and is there a thread showing how to mount them?

Bod; If you didn’t have Morgan’s website, here it is:


If you look you’ll see that the dimensions vary from plate to plate. I use the long, curved aluminium plates and they work great. AKULA

My black plastic Margan has not been trimmed and it’s:

1.85″wide, 5.20″long, .25″ thick.

I measured the aluminum plate that mounts to the stock.

1.55″wide, 4.75″ long, .25″ thick.

You may wait for others before you cut, dimensions may vary? I dont know if the black plastic ones are the same as the aluminum.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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