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I was just wondering what things you guys tried to help get a condor more consistant. because as the pressure lowers it seems you can’t keep the power down. and what wieght is the stock hammer, striker weight. any suggestions are welcome

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Kick ass Edward! sounds like your getting it shooting REALLY nice!!! that is a lot of high powered shots too. You may or may not even need to mess with more hammer weight?

Suprized no one else tossed in there $.02 😆

I’ve been having a lot of fun messing with the tophat to get a chart of the # of consistant shots I can get…mines all been on the baby Talon valve though 8)


i tryed lowering the tophat like you said and it helped a lot, you were right when the psi gets low, too much air could pass threw the valve. i took it to about 55 to 60 thousants and with the power wheel at 10 it stayed around 1050 for about 30 shots and slowly droped to 950 around shot 50, but i could still get a little over 1130 turned all the way up. ps i was using jbs 16 grain. thanks for the suggestions ending psi was 1900

Hey Edward, I’m sure some Condor guys will come on with some good advice…I think Anthony has found a good recipe for the Condor?

I have a lot more shooting on the Talon tank but the Condor guys seemed to like a 70’ish gram hammer which will help with high pressure shooting as well as aid in consistancy. To keep the lower pressure rise down turn your tophat in as it is getting to open “too much” as the pressure drops. If you can’t get it as close as you would like try some shim material behind it and see if that helps. I have used Index card paper(test shims) and also a metal washer which lets me adjust the tophat from no opening on up. I am really happy with some of the results I have been getting.

Leel has had good results from a rubber shim but my valve has some blow by and tries to blow the washer out 😡 …

Let us know what you try and how it works!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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