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New to airguns and just purchased a RTI Prophet II Performance .22 which Tony is setting up for my intended purpose. Couple of questions, which moderators work well with the rifle and have possibly been found to help the grouping of rounds in the 50-100 yard distances?  I have a DonnyFL Shogun that I am going to try when I receive the rifle.  Can you only fill the bottle on the rifle?  Can you have a spare bottle that can be easily switched in the field?  I purchased an Air Venturi 4500 compressor is there anything I need to know that is special to filling the rifle?  I apologize if these are simple questions but new to airguns and don’t want to take it out on the rifle with stupid mistakes.

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Well I have had a little time with the rifle now. The complete set up  with the Hush moderator and Elements 6-24X50 scope is a wonderful tack driver and very quite.  the hammer spring and pellets striking the target is louder than the report of the rifle.  The regulator is working just fine.  This thing is a tack driver with the FX 25.8 gr pellets at 50 yds.  Working on some slug tunes now.  I have about 500 rounds through the barrel so I did a cleaning and found very little was needed.  Done in 7 patches.  Looking forward to getting it out to 100 yds shooting slugs to get ready for some competitions.  Very nice set Tony thanks again.

Hey Shannon…

Let us know how you like the rifle.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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