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    i don’t owe a talon and have not seen one before ,( like to get one in the future ) bt i desided to make one , ive been bilding guns for a few years n so this is my atempt , i assume it works much like the talon but can’t find any real info or picure .
    its not done … yet . a few more day to clean it up and full test , it does shoot already so im happy so far .
    im new to the forum (hi), i probaly won’t contribute much to the talon end of conversations tell i get one but may be on other subjects .


    I like the integral grip and trigger guard. Very streamline.

    You are in good company here, that is for sure. We have a lot of gun nuts making stuff.


    That is frigging cool jezx! have you shot it yet? how did it work?



    i hope to finish it to night , or close enough to test it , im working on a ridget shroud and a 20” barrel . i’ll post some more as i go . i have other work ive done on a canadian airgun site , but thought id get into talon design stuff so joind here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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