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Microlite Bullpup kit for TalonP

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    I dont think they are being made any longer…



    I still have parts for 3 kits left. after that I wont be offering them anymore, However Im working on a whole gun design that uses the ML concept and a few more unique features. I have 2 prototypes built on heavily modified AF frames I’ll offer for sale at some point.

    The current configuration doesn’t have the rail stock or ammo dispenser. It does Include aluminum rear action,extended bolt slide,short block butt stock/rubber tank cover and barrel mount for talonP. frames with longer barrels will need to manually move barrel back using the existing barrel bushings.

    Anyone interested in the remaining kits can contact me at mendotaoutdoors@att.net



    We want pics!!!!! Lol can’t wait!!will your prototypes be regulated?i have the talonP .25 but want a higher “consistent” shot count as high a power as I can get.i might be interested in one of the ML kits.i’ll contact you sometime if I can.



    Here is a video of one of the reg prototypes. The shot results are at the beginning.

    It did very well but no matter how large the pre-chamber I always lost power vs a straight tank valve arrangement.

Viewing 4 posts - 166 through 169 (of 169 total)

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