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Mexico Dental work cheap

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    Rio Grande Dental
    Juarez Mexico
    888 444-7778
    Good English, They take insurance , but cash gets a discount of 8 or 10%
    They will give the price on the site.
    I saved 6000.00 Yep that’s six thousand dollars ,
    I meet people from all over the world in the office, New York, Canada, England,
    They pick you up on the USA side in a van and bring you back.
    I got to go back in four to six months and have the work completed, When my bones heal up.
    any questions ask me or call them.


    Anybody else had experiences with dental work across the boarder? 6k is nothing to sneeze at…


    Glad I live in Canada with good Health insurance. 75% covered by my employer!
    A little bit scary to go south of the border for anything!


    LOL, I understand, My wife’s insurance only pays 2000 a year total on Dental, They do take insurance but you do not get the 10% discount.
    If you know what you need done call them and talk to them.
    Its only money, Your smile , and your time,
    Last time I had dental work in the usa , root channel, caped , 7000 dollars and a year later I lost the tooth, Shit I am not a rich man,
    and i felt the dentist just suckered me in for a few car payments.


    Ok all said and done, after eight big implants, Motel eating out driving to El Paso four times total cost was about 2,600,
    I only saved about 12,000 thousand dollars ,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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