mebelowsea post on TOG 12Dec06

Do any of you guys from the TOG era remember mebelowsea and his post? It regarded the building of an LDC using “Ceiling Buttons!” It was a rather engenius article, and caught the attention of quite a few guys.

I’m curious as to how well the idea worked.

Secondly, do any of you have the pictures he included of his fabrication?
Initially, Gamebred, was going to host the downloading of the pics, as I guess mebelowsea had sent them to him (Gamebred), as the TOG gallery was down for a time.

I’m still trying to reach the ULTIMATE in quietness with my SS. It’s pretty quiet now, but I’ve not achieved the “……..only hear the hammer slap…”
stage yet. Granted, I don’t have a drilled bushing, nor holes drilled under the foregrip, etc.. Therein lies the challenge. I think it’s possible to achieve that level of quietness, without the use of a machine shop.

Then again, maybe I’m just a foolish old man! 😀

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Got ya covered brother… here they are.

Enjoy, Jim.

Shadohs right, and i believe its the second half of the equation in the quest for a quieter rig . I tried the Mebs stack, convex to concave side so you have a dome shape on top and bottom sides. Then the o-ring and repeat till you run out of room. This is after the 3″ or so expansion chamber. Vice the gun and add 3 or 4 1/8″ holes in the frame. Use a center punch to mark your holes and prevent the bit from walking, make sure you use a new or sharp bit to minimize burrs on the inside of frame. You will get some but a long fine round file will remove these easy enough. Believe Shadoh and my self, do it and you will notice a much quieter report. Don’t forget to mark where the foregrip ends so you don’t end up with a hole in front of the fore grip. The barrel bushing is self explanitory.

Drilled bushing and foregrip dont require a machine shop, just a drill and some bits.

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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