Making a Silent Pellet Trap

This pellet trap will last for years with little to no maintenance. The correct fill material is Duct Seal found in the electrical department of Home Depot. It is sold in bars and is like clay. …DO NOT BUY THE CRAP IN THE TUBE THAT IS WET AND GOOY…

I purchased a metal junction box. At HD . They can be found a junk store also.

Place a piece of MDF – Medium Density Fiber Board- at the back of the trap. A talon or condor will go right throug the metal box and putty. The MDF will protect the back of the trap. As the pellet hits the putty is slows down the pellet enough and the MDF will stop the pellet. The impact is silent.

I made at least 2 layers of putty for the trap and latter added a 3rd layer. If you are using a little wussy springer or CO2 one layer is good enough. But for PCP make it thick and be done with it. I leave mine outside in rain or shine and it is no worse for the wear. I often place cardboard over it with a target and sometimes I use a paper plate and just place it in the trap and shoot.

When you are not shooting you can put the cover on.

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Finding this stuff in Home Depot or Lowes is tricky because the box doesn’t stand out… Here’s where to look:

* Home Depot – Its not always in electrical, instead go to the “Data Con” isle where they sell network cable and look for some anonymous boxes on the lower shelves… carefully scan each box and you’ll see Duct Seal.

* Lowes – This is with the electrical insulation tape… Its on a low shelf, nearly at floor level.

Here’s a picture… its a very small box and almost disappears on a shelf.

WOK and other, thanks for the great idea.

My local supplies (Home Depot, Lowe’s) didn’t have a clue where to get GB Duct Seal and I didn’t find it in their online stores, either. I spent a few hours in the stores looking where you all suggested and other areas, but no joy.

Surfed the web; some wanted a ton of money for shipping due to weight.

Then I found part numbers and went to ebay. Using search string “Gardner Bender” and “DS” I found several different package sizes. GB calls the bricks of this stuff “pugs” oddly. Anyhow, I just bought 30 pounds (six of the 5 pound “pugs” PN DS-530) for $42. They’ll ship up to 30 pounds of the stuff for $10. Handling was about $5 combined. $2.23 a pound delivered isn’t too bad since there’s no tax.

This may be an option for others if they are not finding the stuff on the shelf any more.

Regarding this ebayer: The item number is 370108688566 and there are 20 pounds left at present. He’s an electrical guy, so he may stock more. His ebay user ID is “plazaele”


Larry S.


quote Love my Talon SS:

How Much did the stuff cost?

$2/bar in the electrical section.

How Much did the stuff cost?

If you can get the duct seal, i’ve tried the plumbers putty as well and the duct seal is denser. I blew through a couple of inches of the plumbers putty, while i can only penetrate 1″-1.5″ or so of the duct seal. Its worth the investment as i purchased mine a couple of years ago, and just clean it from time to time.

As you stated you use 2.5″ vs my 1.5″ of duct seal. If you ever need to replace yours try to get the ductseal its worth it.

wood setup looks like what I made. couldn’t find duct seal in sufficient quantity however and had to look for an alternate material. Found “plumbers putty” quite a bit cheaper and similar consistency, but have to use about half again the thickness people are using w/ duct seal. I have about 1.5 inches layered and stops shots from 24″ talon ss .22 nicely (lighter pellets) for Kodiacs/heavier stuff would probably need about 2.5″ thickness. using this setup a couple years and several thousand shots w/ no problems.

This is the one I made. Works for everything up to my Dragonslayer .50. I used 2×6’s to build the box. I used a steel baking sheet between the duct seal and plywood backing to catch any strays. Then I screwed a handle on top to make it easy to pick up and carry around.

Yo thanks for the link, Ron! I’ll check out Home Depot for the materials. I gotta order more Kodiaks too.


When I first got my Condor, I had to shoot into my shed from the back porch because it was raining for a week straight.

I set up 2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood and leaned it against the door of an old refrigerator that I use as a cabinet.

The first 5 or 6 shots were no problem, I was adjusting the scope between shots. The next 5 clustered nicely, and on the 4th shot it sounded a bit louder. The 5th shot upset something inside the fridge. Looked and it had gone thru the door and hit a coffee can full of screws in the door.

I wasnt prepared for the power, as I have used the exact same target style with the FWB124 for years and never, ever, went through both sheets of plywood.

I used something similar to that for ages before I had to upgrade to a .22 rimfire trap when my .25 Condor blew out the back 😈

Works great for SS’s and my crosmans still though with some patching.

Like walkon suggested, you need something at the back. Once you shoot about 10 pellets in the same place the duct seal gets a bit thin and if its still metal at the back pellets can make their way through after a bit.

Just make sure to pull out the big lead ingots you end up getting behind the bullsyes and even out the seal after shooting sessions and it will last ages.

This and an electrical box at home depot?

I can just go to HD and pick up these two items and then set it up to my likings at home?

Nice shooting by the way! That one top center! 😉

Nice idea.Going to do a little shpping and give it a try.

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