MAHOGANY GRIPS & HOME ANODIZING – for my .25 homebuild

Built this set of mahogany grips for my latest (third one this winter) homebuild.
Check out the home anodizied aluminum mounting plate. I dyed it red, just to try out that color. The red aluminum grip mounting plate does not show on the completed gun. Used red RIT dye, $5 worth of acid from NAPA, and borrowed a power supply from work.
The gun has LW 24 inch barrel, extra long shroud, extra high scope mount to accomidate a 4500 PSI paintball tank.

On another subject:
Got my second homebuild out into the woods two weeks ago (caught a nice day – 50 degrees). I was very happy with it. Shot a nickel sized , 5 shot, group @ 45 yards, standing, and steadying the barrel aginst a tree. This gun has: 20 inch LW barrel, extra long shroud, 25 cal, and easily acheeves 1000 FPS using 31 grain Kodiaks.


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