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    I bit the bullet yesterday and my buddy and I drove 3 hrs round trip to see an AF airgun in person for the first time.

    I came home with a Talon SS in .22, tri-rail riser, scuba clamp and pellet holder to the tune of $600 USD including tax.

    My first impression looking at and holding the gun is that it is very simple, very small, light and is kind of weird to shoulder, and the stock grip sucks.

    My first impression shooting as stock was “yikes this thing isn’t very quite, but it sure does hit hard”. My safety kept resetting back to safe after I had pushed it off, this was annoying to say the least (I am talking about resetting before I was able to fire the shot, not resetting on cocking as designed).

    So last night I let loose with less than 20 shots fires. I pulled the barrel, vented the bushing, drilled the frame, baffled the shroud, removed the safety, replaced the grips, set the tophat and waited till today to shoot.

    I happened to have an old trigger frame and wood grips for an AutoMag(paintball marker) that was begging for new life. It was an easy conversion to what you see in my pics. This will also allow for the option of mounting a bunch of paintball stocks.

    Now, I have to say this is one of the best shooting airguns I have shot. I have a BSA Sportsman HV that is a nice piece, but heavy. I have a couple of springers, and they shoot well, but they are springers. I am nailing small sparrows(english) at 30-35 yards standing and resting on a doorframe. It impressed me even shooting Crow Mags pretty well, it will be even better with an accurate pellet.

    The venting and baffling made it very quite and with the tophat set at .070 it seems to be doing what I need/want.

    Thanks to the efforts of those of you who offer so much great advice.




    let me be the first to say welcome to the form 😀

    their is a great bunch here willing to help in any way they can as well as have some fun at the same time, looks like your off and running with the mods, I like the grip you’ve put on it, did you mod the gun or the grip? it sounded like you’ve done something to the gun if so can we know what it was?


    All mods were done to the grip/grip frame. The only change to a Talon part was the machine screw that holds the grip on needed to be shortened slightly.

    I should mention that the AutoMag frame I used was the stock single finger “carbon fiber” frame with the laminate grips for same application. I had put an electric frame on the AutoMag so the frame and grips were extra. BTW I sold the AutoMag 5 or 6 years ago, the grip has floated from box to box, just too good to toss, and now on to a good use……. 😀


    welcome to the form 🙂 . Your Talon looks nice and the grip really sets things up sweet.


    That grip is awesome. I remember those grips. I think smart parts made them. Good to see you were able to use them again and they make your gun look great. The AF grip could have been done much better. I cant believe they did not go with a standard format like that of an AR15 or even a sheridan style like the automag or autococker.

    Looks like you got the gun all set up and feel free to post often.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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