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    I bought my Noblesse second hand a few weeks ago and was impressed straight away. Within the first twenty shots I had shot three rabbits and that included zeroing. It comes up on the shoulder so naturally and is on aim before any of my other guns. The only down side is that the cheek piece is too high and I had to squash my cheek to see through the scope. I already had high mounts and had to fit a .85″ riser block under the mounts. I bought two extra magazines too.

    The rifle is a little loud as the shroud on the barrel is completely empty so I built a silencer inside it, there’s about 100mm to play with in there. I made two air stripper cones and used a couple of hair curlers and some sponge and now all you hear is the hammer.

    I also have an Air Arms S510 carbine and it gets left in the cupboard since buying the Noblesse, the bullpup is just so much better.




    I noticed that no one replied to your thread. Congrats, and would love to hear about the accuracy of your new Toy!;-)



    Just stumbled over it (no knife, I’m not pursuing you…) as well.
    :tag: and :dito: , would like to hear a bit more about accuracy and interested in details of your moderator build.


    Hi Papa,
    I have the same gun as you ,and love this sucker !
    I bought it brand new from a member from another forum,more than a year ago,and is by far,the best buck for the money .
    As you may know,they are fitted with LW barrels,and boy! they are laser accurate .
    Mine came from factory shooting the jsb exact kings 25.4 at 985 fps for 54 FPE !!
    Since then,I’ve changed the hammer spring for a more mellow one,and now ,is shooting at around 850 fps,for a nice 40 FPE
    If you’re in the States and want an after market hammer spring,shoot me your address,and I’ll send you one .

    Now,you mentioned that you made some sort of muffler that goes inside the shroud,between the end of the barrel,and the end cap of the shroud .
    Doy you have pictures of the wonder piece .
    I would like to make one for mine,but,need to see what it looks like first .
    I use mine with an air stripper,but ,it make the gun a bit longer .
    Please show the pictures if you have any.



    Sorry Jon,I’ve called you Papa !
    Got the names switched .
    Papa Shultz is like God ,he’s everywhere !!

    By the way! my longest kill with the Jkhan was a ground squirrel clocked with my Leupold range finder at 165 yards !
    Twack!!! Lights out baby !


    Wow, Rami, was just wondering what you’re talking about or rather what I had talked about.
    Phew, relieved, as Shaggy said “It wasn’t me”… :rofl:
    Hey, I now get the point why you need the Altaros unit. This gun uses some air to produce that power, I guess?
    BTW, nice rigs, both of you.


    A case of mistaken identity ! LOL
    The JKhan is now milder .I get around 40 good shots per fill at 3000 psi,so,is not an air hog .
    These guns are way under rated in my opinion .


    Now, you got me curious…
    Hope that you two will share some more about these. I remember Tony had some in some years ago, but seems he didn’t pursue?


    I don’t know who sells these guns now,but I’ve seen a few on the R L airgun supply web site ,but in .22 and .357 cal.
    Mine is .25 cal.
    I bought mine about a year ago or so from Alex Skiff, brand new .
    He was selling them,and,mine, was the last one he had .
    He told me “give me $550 and is yours,shipped ” !!
    Needless to say,it is,until this day,the best pcp purchase I’ve ever made .
    You can find a used one every now and then ,but,they don’t come too often .
    These guns(some people say) are made in Korea by Hyundai,and the quality is fantastic .
    The only problem that I ever had,was an air leak at the air gauge ,but it was fixed right away,by removing the gauge and cleaning the seat of the gauge,because it was a bit dirty .
    The magazines are all metal and work like a swiss watch,with very positive clicks when loading and indexing .
    Some times,I think about selling it ,because ,I’m more into very short air guns,but then,I go out and shoot it,and change my mind .
    I can’t honestly justify myself spending way over $1000 (some times 2K) on any other .25 pcp to get the same accuracy that I have on mine.
    LW barrels on these guns.
    .25 cal. is best for hunting .
    Hope this help .


    It does, thank you, Rami.

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