Love my Flex Cobra .25 with external reg. adjustment.

I love my .25 cal.

It has a very very good trigger. I believe that I read somewhere that it is a Timney Calvin Elite. It has no creep at all and I always know exactly when the shot will break. It has a nice wall that you hit and then any more and it breaks. It is the 2 stage version. My .30 Flex has the single stage version. I like the 2 stage better but my Dad likes the single stage version better.

It shot very small groups at 25 yards right out of the box. I moved target to 50 yards and shot many 1/2″ or better 5 shot groups in a row. I have had some 5 shot groups that look like single hole. It is quiet. It is much easier to cock than my .30 Flex.

I really like the easily adjustable regulator. All I had to do to get it to shoot the 34 grain JSB MKII heavy pellets was to bump the reg pressure from 1650 to 1900 and it shoots them right at 880 fps. This is the pellet that I wanted to shoot because it has such a good BC.

I used chairgun and compared the energy on target with my .25 starting around 58 ft/lb to my .30 shooting 77 ft/lb and by 100 yards the .25 has the same energy on target as the .30.

At 200 yards the .25 has 22.36 ft/lb and the .30 has 17.2 ft/lb left. That is both guns set to shoot 880 fps.

The JSB .25 heavies have a lot more killing power at the longer distances. Hard to believe that it still has 22.36 ft/lb left at 200 yards. That is more than a .22 magnum springer has at the muzzle.

I have been wanting to do my first video review with this gun and also include my .357 Slayer to show how nice these guns are that are made right here in the USA.

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Its new parts/upgrades you can get for your Flex or Warp if you already own the one. It really all depends on what type of ammo you want to shoot if you want the Cobra upgrades. Cobra system is only good for 22-30 cal… and from last time I talked with Jim he still offers the standard Flex or Warp or get the Cobra package or even a Cothran Valve setup for heavy hitting. Really you can get different set ups WAR rifles more or less are custom rifles to order but you will pay more for it.

Is the Cobra a new and improved model?

again… lets see these rifles in action!

Nice little air gun, looking forward to your video! I understand the regulated version is 400 USD more than the 1800 USD non-regulated version. That must be some regulator?
I would like to support a US made AG, I hope it is worth every dollar.

LarryW :winkn:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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