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New owner of Crossman 2240. Thanks to all who helped resolve my problem of the impacted CO2 cartridge. Guess it’s not an uncommon problem.

I didn’t realize how LOUD CO2 pistols are!! Scared the heck out of me, and I’m sure it forced the old lady next door into a new pair of DEPENDS.

Anyone have ideas for creating a simple LDC for a 2240? Like the man said……”Keep it Simple.” I don’t have the shop, tools, nor the knowledge for the more elaborate designs.

Thank you! 😀

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Many people show how they build shrouds over on the Crosman forum. Or, you can buy a great one from “Rich from Mich” who posts over there and has a web site. I have one of his, and the gun is now very quiet.

Crosman forum:

Good luck,

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