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Lordy. How have you guys been?

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    I’ll cut out the drama guys, but its been a long, hard road getting myself back to where I can have some free time to spend with y’all.
    I was a regular around here a few years back, and was working on a mag-fed bullpup, and started to sell some rotary pellet holders just before the S hit my fan.

    Missed ya! How’s things?


    Good to see you back…


    Nothing serious Tony, thanks for replying. I was seeing the tumbleweeds roll in the silence and figured I made a bad entrance, I still do actually.

    Got married, had two kids and bought a house. Time flies.

    Is anyone still shooting condors and talons these days? Lots of new stuff out.


    Hey, its strange, but I think alot of us got too busy, I only lurk from time to time, and I used to be ocd on the forum. Yes I still love talons and condors, good to here your still kicking.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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