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    Hey all….. I’m a long time member of the forum, previously TSS gun owner. Got out of the airgun sport several years ago and went strictly to powder burners with suppressors. Just yesterday, I received my first rifle by UPS and entering back into airgunning. I have read a lot and decided for the price, I was going to jump on an ATI Nova Freedom in .22 cal. I was very impressed from the moment I unboxed the rifle. Yes, it’s pretty much like carrying a Barrett .50 cal around, it is a very large gun. Very well balanced though and appears well built. The gun was empty of air upon unboxing and 65 pumps later, I had the gauge sitting on about 3200psi and was very easy to pump. I went outside right at dark and fired off a 10 round magazine and was impressed with how quiet it was. The Low setting is just a tad quieter than the High setting, but I could tell the High setting did hit a lot harder. It wasn’t until this morning that I put some rings and glass on top of it. From shooting the night before, the gauge was sitting roughly on 2800psi and 25 pumps later I was back up to about 3400psi. I had read JSB pellets were what these guns preferred but Pyramyd Air has not delivered, and all I had was a tin of Walmart 14.3gr Crossman Premier Hollowpoints. Two shots and I was zero’d at the 40yd mark. The next 8 shots could be covered with a dime as shown in the photo. I am pleased as can be with this rig and looking forward to more shooting. My chrony is DRT from my daughter putting an arrow through the front of it, so don’t have any velocity to post yet.


    Welcome back Triggerman..
    Great shooting..


    Glad to see ya back. I too am getting back a bit after only about 1-2 yrs of little air time.

    You gun looks similar to the Seneca Aspen. I just recently picked up a Samutra 2500 Carbine,should be here Monday. In waiting and researching I have seen a plethora of Videos and that little beauty looks like the same platform. Alway been courious about the self contained units. I like the concept, the Aspen has a place to fill also should you choose as I would assume yours does as well. Anyway congratulations on the re-entry happy shooting


    After time away myself i just got back to airgunning . My buddies just enetered the game one with a Benji Marauder.22 cal and one scored a Condor in .25cal . I have rebuilt my range out to 70 yards and have my AA410c dialed in, it good to be back . Looking forward to more of Triggerman’s posts

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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