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    Just wanted to post another airgun I’ve been working on… A mk2 Rapid. I’m building it as a Elan tribute build. The Elan has always been a damn sexy airgun to me. There’s a few slight changes from the original Elan set up…

    Mk2 receiver
    65cc FX reservoir w/custom RAW adapter
    MFR barrel shroud w/threaded end cap
    CZ .22 barrel
    Bottom fill
    Hidden SSG by Motorhead
    12 fpe tune and assembly by Motorhead

    It’s still a work in progress… Here’s some pics to better explain the build:

    Original Elan- built from a Mk1 Rapid receiver

    My Mk2, assembled

    Above, you can see the original Elan’s stock. While it looks good, I prefer something like a M40A3 stock:

    I am also a fan of the Theoben Vanquish:

    So my idea is to combine the two- a cross between a M40A3 stock and a Vanquish stock. I’m going about this stock build very differently than a traditional stock build. I’m combining wood, XPS foam (pink or blue insulation foam) and fiberglass with epoxy resin (not polyester resin). Bear in mind, I’m no stock maker. This is also going to take a while…

    I’ll update as I make more progress…


    Made a little more progress on the stock:

    Once the trigger area piece dries, I can fill in the rest of the stock with foam… I’ll keep y’all posted.


    Little more progress on the stock. I started laying out shapes and such…

    The bottom of the butt-plate is a good mistake- it’ll help the back ride a rear bag better… I’ll update when I have more work done.


    Little bit more stock work:


    Got some more stock work done. The shaping is finished. I AM going to be skinning this in CF, as I found a kit that’s reasonably priced and is here in the States:


    I need to contact RAW again, as I’m still waiting on them to let me know what size screws I need… I also need to make some bedding pillars. Anyhoo, pics:

    I’m going to fill in all the gouges in the foam, and try to reinforce the edges of the foam. I still need to figure out how I’m going to seal the inletting- I’ll probably just mix up some epoxy and coat it.


    Changed the stock build a bit. Decided to use an airsoft stock… Here’s some pics:

    Basically, I gutted the stock where I needed to, and reinforced the halves with resin. I filled the butt with XPS foam and expanding foam. I secured the two halves together with epoxy around the edges, Gorilla Glue on the foam, and PC-7 epoxy in the grip. I secured the two halves together with the original screw holes that could be re-used, then sanded down the screw heads (they were a touch bigger than the original screws… which I’ve lost). I filled in the bolt handle cut out and the space towards the front of the fore end where the airsoft magazine used to go. I’ve also filled in the very front of the stock with both resin and XPS foam. I used foam mostly to act as a filler so that I didn’t have to use as much resin. I still have some work to do to finish up the stock and do final fit of the Mk2…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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