Long-range AirForce Accuracy

Hey all,

I’m going to have my .25 up and running here pretty quick and would like to know what kind of groups people are getting (any caliber) at, say, 75 yards plus.

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WOW that is excellent!

I shot a 90 yard group last week with 18″ bbl, using 16 gr. JSB’s. 5-7 mph cross wind. Steady wind. using a stool for a rest. while sitting on the back steps. Group was 1/4″ tall by 1 1/8″ wide ctc. It can do better! The first thing I did when I got the 18″er, was lap the bore. Really makes a difference. “NO LEADING” Issues.


When I had a .22 stock Condor I could get an 1.25″ group at 100 yards. No wind of course. Now it’s the AAA .25 beast, but I don’t have time to fully test it yet. Hopefully next month.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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