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    Finally, I had the chance to cast my own .22 slugs using MP molds.
    It took me couple of times to get what I think some good casted slugs.
    I casted them in 1/7 ratio (linotype/lead)

    I started with a group at 88m
    Then shot some targets at 132m
    Finally, shooting at 178m

    I was shooting in a windy day. you will find the noise of the wind annoying in the video.
    Sorry about that :-\
    The video is in Arabic, but I added English captions.
    Hope you will enjoy it though


    :suprisedn: So what size group in inches or mm did you get with the Huben at 88 meters (96 yards)? I saw Joe’s video on one at 244 yards. They have been trying to get these guns working reliably a long time.

    Please give the specifications on your Huben and the details of the group size, velocity, etc.

    How many full power shots are you getting per charge?

    Any modifications?



    I was shooting at 950 fps
    Filling it to 280 bars, I was able to shoot two magazines (38 shots )
    The only modifications were setting the regulator to 170 bars, and dialing the valve knob until I reached the desired velocity.

    Honestly, I did not measure the group size. But will do as soon as I go shooting again.


    Is it pretty quiet?

    So about 70 ft. lbs.? Enough for small game.

    Is the semi-auto functioning pretty reliable at this point?



    It is quiet, and the sound is reasonable, and it can go quieter if reg pressure is tuned up and closing the valve knob a bit. It should shoot at the same velocity if tuned well.

    and yes, with these settings it is 70 ft.lbs.
    more than enough for small game.

    shooting it for six months now, only had to change an o-ring under the magazine lever.
    other than that, no problems.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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