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Leshiy 2 unboxed

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    Looks Sweet…

    That is a nice rifle.



    Sorry about all the repeat images! First they vanished, then they came back. The MKII JSB King Heavies are grouping better. Like other Edguns I’ve used, they don’t like the rubber-coated prongs on my field pod (used instead of a table, due to the slope here). I’ll rig a bag up front next time. Still getting used to the single, deliberate-pull trigger. Releasing the trigger, after firing, causes the magazine to rotate clockwise. So, it’s possible to safely store the loaded rifle (in the absence of kids)using two precautions: 1. When loading the magazine, leave one pellet out and line that empty chamber with the barrel. Marking the magazine and rifle makes this line-up easier. 2. Use the safety! At this point, to fire you need to move the safety, dry-fire the empty chamber in a safe direction. When you release the trigger the gun is loaded.

    Another method is to mount a fully-loaded magazine, but leave the gun folded with the safety on.

    The first method can be useful when hiking through brush, the latter is best for in-case storage, since folded exposes some delicate parts. I’m looking at how to safely use this beast, because it’s got plenty of punch and there’s no de-cocking a hammer.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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