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Leshiy 2 unboxed

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    After a long wait, a Leshiy 2, long, .25 was dropped off, into waiting arms! After putting on a Vector scope, it was time to get familiar with this semi automatic marvel of Ed’s.

    Unlike a lot of prior Edguns, the Leshiy is hammerless and can be filled to 300 bar. I’m only filling to 280 bar for now. There’s also a safety, which is crucial with a semi automatic. First mag was just shot into a hillside to check function; cycled perfectly! Eight shots in rapid succession zoomed out with impressive force. Semiautomatic function= excellent!

    Though I’m still dialing in the scope, it didn’t take long to get a life-sized squirrel target shredded, as aimed freehand, at 30 yds. Since my shooting/target lane is overgrown with weeds, I’ll have to hack down vegetation to see what groups can be had at greater distance. First impression is it’s a heck of a hunting tool. Silencer works fine for out here, but may be a bit loud for some folks.

    The magazine has a magnetic retaining disk which must be installed after loading pellets, keeping the pellets in place. That magnetic disk can be a pain to remove with your hands, unless there’s some trick I’ve missed. You can use a fingernail to pry it off, but I sharpened a small bit of hard plastic to make the task easier. One could use a knife, but it’d scratch up the metal.

    Some of the best features are packability and ease in removing the air tanks for safe transport or working on the rifle. See attachments. So far, I’m quite happy with this Leshiy, “Forest Goblin”. Great work Ed!


    Beautiful rifles..
    How’s the trigger on that thing?


    Bogman , Brian says that I should be getting my Leshiy 2 in a couple of weeks from now . My is a .177 with the 350mm barrel . Brian
    says that the .177 and the.22 cals. are very quiet which is why I chose the .177 cal. I can always add a bigger caliber barrel if
    I want to . Enjoy your Goblin , I’ll just have to sit back and wait until my arrives at my front door .



    The trigger is not what I’d call a match-grade, 2-stage. It’s not bad, just different. If I squeeze the trigger too slowly, the sound of air leaking can be heard. This mostly happens out of habit; I’m used to two-stage triggers and keep forgetting this one wants a single, deliberate pull. I’d say the weight is a good compromise between ease of pull and safety. The trigger weight is factory-set, not adjustable. This makes sense: too light and it’ll fire itself, and there’s interaction with the air valve, since there’s no hammer.

    There are a ton of optional accessories, silencers, etc. already being offered. The better moderators add length and/or weight, as well as cost. Being out in the boondocks and interested in pest control, the stock moderator is fine. The sound of pellet strike is louder unless I’m shooting into my pellet trap, which is packed with rubber mulch.

    The instruction manual could use an English language editor, LOL! Russian and English are very different languages and Ed has a respectable, admirable command of English. Still, pre-print is easy to edit. As a first-run, I’m sure there will be future changes and video “how-to”s. This model already went through a bunch of changes after first coming out.

    One accessory which is needed are covers for the gun when it’s folded, to keep the exposed mechanicals clean and protected. There are some small parts which could easily get damaged when folded or the two halves are disconnected. Meanwhile, a small gun case is in order. Or, store the gun unfolded (first picture above), with an empty magazine in place.

    Birdman, you’re going to love this thing! The crows, however, are in trouble.

    I’m eager to get the Leshiy on bags or at least a field pod to check accuracy after it has been broken in. In theory, the lack of a hammer should increase accuracy. Cameras are going “shutterless” to reduce vibration. I did get the regulator tester as an optional tool, but need to chrony the JSB Kings (.25/25.4 grain) first and see how adjustments are made. If it’s shooting too hot, say above 940-50 fps, I may try a heavier pellet first. That reminds me: because of the design, you must use JSB, Diabolo type pellets. The instructions are clear about that. Edgun and Air Arms both carry JSB pellets, rebranded. Semiautomatics are often ammo-specific for best performance and safety.


    Congrats, Bogman, happy to see you got your L2, i would be very glad to see the accuracy tests with different available JSB pellets and investigate the best one for it, and which velocity can be reached,

    actually, i am also interested on Vector optics, but continental 3-18X50 FFP, however it may looks bigger for it, but i have the Edgun scope 10X44 SF that i can always convert if the vector is not suitable.

    plz, i cant wait to see your posts on L2,



    Hello Hemn! I hope you and your family, loved ones are safe and healthy in these crazy times! So different from a year ago.

    I just got in from free hand shooting the L2 and it seems the Leshiy 2, .25 cal (6.35mm) likes the heavier pellets: JSB King Heavy Diabolo MKII, 33.95 gr (2.20g). Those shot better groups than the regular kings. Still no time to chrony each pellet and shoot at farther range, but I’d say for any Leshiy 2 owners to at least try the MKII heavy pellets; they may be the best for accuracy and FPE.

    I forgot to bring my plastic blade which helps get the magazine ring off of the mag. The attachment shows a device which works better than your fingernail!


    Thanks a lot my bro, we are all fine, actually myself and my family were infected with COVID-19 and thanks for God we all fine,

    hope you and your family safe too,

    in fact due to some fact, such winds and hard impact of the pellets, i would like to use either the heavier JSBs or slugs, i have my current Edgun R3M short version .22cal, but i have all needed parts (breach, barrel, barrel back plug, silencer…etc) to convert it to .25 cal,

    i am currently researching to figure out the best pellet/slug for both 22c & 25 cal ??!!! ,

    i have only 18gr /.22cal and 25gr /.25cal


    Bogman , go to YOU TUBE and see the video Brian posted on how to remove the magazine pellet holder plate . Type in Edgun Leshiy Magazine
    Magnet Removal , really cool and safest way to remove the pellet holder .



    Hi Birdman; thanks for the link! There are only two magazine holders on the Leshiy 2, so I might use the same idea with a home-made version. I didn’t see mag. holders available as separate items; wonder what the cost would be. Must’ve been a strong button magnet Brian was using; none of my magnets is strong enough.

    I found a range of 2-8 lb. pull magnets, but don’t see a hyperlink option with this “new” forum setup. No formatting options either. Might be good additions to this site. Anyway, I’ll ask Brian what the pound pull was on the magnet used. I don’t think a 10 lb. pull is necessary!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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