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    Gentlemen. I am interested in the Leshiy2 but I am a little confused about the moderator and silencer. When you buy the Leshiy2 there is a moderator already with the airgun. There is a silencer that can be bought separately on the website as an accessory. Is the silencer an upgrade from the OEM moderator that you get when you purchase the Leshiy2 or is it just an exact replacement part for the original moderator? Will I get enhanced quieting of the report from the Leshiy2

    I must say its been awhile since I have been on the Talon feels nice to be back in the educational and learning gap that I have regarding these awesome airguns built by Ed.


    kekoa, I’m hoping to get a Leshiy 2 long, in .25 soon, and can comment on the noise after playing with it. Brian, at edgunwest would have the answers regarding the optional silencers, which vary with the model. One can pretty much guess that the increased size of the air expansion chambers will result in better moderating of the noise. Also, if you change barrels on the Leshiy 2, you’ll want a moderator to match.

    If Donny doesn’t have his own moderators for the Leshiy 2, it won’t be long!


    Having a Leshiy2 I would think putting something more effective on it would be top priority. It has taken quite awhile to get something that works for it. Well that I feel will work for it. Unfortunately the online store is sold out atm.  I believe the one to get is made by Huma Air and it’s the Mod50. It is stackable also. Cannot wait to get one and as a bonus the Huma Mod50 bolts Tina plate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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