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Length of Barrel//Length of Gun-Shroud too

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    I was getting used to my rebuilt Talon from Anthony226. He made me a very nice 21″ .22 cal lothar walther barrel and rebuilt the valves and jewelled it up and rebuilt my hammer too. he also placed a cool Recoil pad on my tank. And he did a great job.
    Now I shot this gun Talon SS .177 cal stock out of the box and picked up on it’s characteristics quite well. It shot superb. And after Anthony’s mod I noticed the gun seemed different. My accuracy seemed less consistant.
    Sometimes I would notice the .22 Cal Pellet drift on up as if it was a curve from a Baseball players pitch?! Never seen this or noticed this before. So I thought hum…. 🙄 Maybe it is the .22 cal compared to the .177? I always liked the speed of the .177 before. I used to never like a .177 until I bought this Talon SS. Nice N fast. So I thought man I want to try that barrel again. So I easly changed my nice Custom Barrel back to the 12″ stock barrel that came with it. it was also real cool of Mr.266 to polish and clean the breach end of that stock barrel because he knew I would want to shoot it again from the way I talked. So with ease I had removed the new barrel and inserted the stock 12″ .177 barrel. Now lets try it… I went into the house and cocked it and dry fired it to hear the noise because I didn’t want to pop it outside. I have very close neighbors. Man it banged loud! Almost as loud as my 22 rugar 1022! And from inside my house the dog barked next door! Then I carefully slipped that shroud on and even with the stock barrel and no work on those barrel baffles the only sound I got was the click of the gun!! Amazing. So lets see what this will do now… So from about 10 yards I was playing with my scope and I got it dialed in and bulls eye I hit a my mark. Next shot…it looked or acted like a curve from a baseball players pitch!… High ball.. next it drifted to the left a tad. Next shot it went through the same hole to the left. Next it went to a hole to the right of my mark… 😯
    Batter walk…. 👿
    What I think is happening here is my movements are the same as before but they have more affect on the pellet now with the shroud? The movements I make seem to effect the pellets travel before it leaves the muzzle of the shroud. I think this is whats happening?
    Is this comon knowledge or am I an idoit that did too much organics in the 70’s? 8) This also rang a bell when this sniper in the marine corp onboard my ship back in 93 told me that they didn’t use shrouds because it would affect accruacy.
    So even though the barrel is shorter or longer the overall gun is longer so could this activity be caused by my movement? Anthony sent me a paper group from his testing with the .22 barrel and it was a 5 shot group and it was in a dime at 37 yards. Less than a dime!
    Am I incorrect ot does it seem correct? Has anyone else noticed a difference in their rifles with added shrouds like I am describing?


    So would I be accurate in saying your pellets are corkscrewing when shot?

    If they look like a curve pitch then you are clipping my friend.


    Clipping is my movement right. Liek when I pull the trigger and dip or “Clip”


    Or when I spell “like” Liek?



    is it true to say that shooting with a shroud is a bit more touchy or harder to do? Compared to not having a shroud?


    I your rifle isnt grouping well with the shroud on most likely the pellets are clipping(When the pellet is in flight it is touching a baffle inside the shroud).

    With your tank off look down the bore as you rotate the shroud. It has to be a clear path with no shadowing.

    Give that a try and let me know.



    I think that Adam means pellet hitting the shroud. Easy to ckeck out, remove the shroud and try again. while the shroud is off check for lead scrape around the exit hole




    Well..I can’t see any sign of a Pellet hitting the shroud.
    I removed the tank and looked through the bore and muzzle and it looks like it is a clear shot.
    But maybe it is touching a slight in the shroud and one would not be able to tell.
    Clipping eh?
    Pellet touching?


    I don’t really want to shoot the rifle with the end cap on because it is too loud in my back yard. But it was dong this in .22 cal with that barrel too.
    So I wonder if it is me or is it touching the skirt of the pellet?
    Or is it wind force uneven?


    I just shot about 5 rounds now up against my brick fence. I hi tthis pellet that was already stuck in the fence. I shot one below it about a pellets diameter next to it and one right above only about a pellets diameter up above.
    Then I hit the pellet again!
    So I am thinking it is my ass moving all around? man this Center Point Scope is sure nice 😉

    I think it is me man. Just moving.
    Man that shroud works so sweet! God talk about quiet!’
    No dogs bark.
    I think I can just pick a spot on the fence and shoot a pellet and then jsut shoot the same pellet stuck on the fence and I am very close. Moving around on a bench rest on my knees on a long ice chest in my garage.
    So maybe at times I could rotate the shroud a touch and be sure it is clear?
    It sure looks clear.
    I need to keep shooting and spend some time at the range and PRACTICE I bet. 😉


    Probably too if I just shoot enough rounds through it it will clear itself out and sort of break in.
    tell ya what man,…
    That baby is quiet now! I don’t want to give that up! 😛


    I have got questions and Anthony has answers. It shoots flawlessly and I can hit the same pellet then it may rise about 3/4″
    I bet if I shoot this thing enough it will develope what I call a squirrel trail?
    it will sort of break itself in I am wondering. Because it shoots well 90% of the time.
    I have only put about 50 rounds through it. Wait untill I put about 2000 rounds through it.
    The top of my hammer bolt is going to wear out where I see it ever so slightly rubs against the underneigh side of the rail. 😆
    I love it! What an air gun! Could I even take a reading with my dial caliper on a barrels outside diameter and will you machine me a shroud for it? A pellet gun of course.
    I think I just need to shoot it some more.
    this is amazing man!
    How we get so pleased when we shoot our pea’s through the same hole! The same pea that could kill a large dog or Coyote or Fox or even …a “Dragon Fly”
    I think I just need to shoot several hundred rounds through it. Will I need to change the O rings soon for cocking the hammer that many times?
    Any time I need to have this baby worked on I would like to send it to you Anthony! You did a nice job! But I would liek to know how to completly disassemble it so I can clean the hell out of it.
    Your Elite! Take the shroud off and see the noise, Night and day difference.
    I ordered that TX-200 MKIII in .177 cal and I bet it will not be as quiet as this Talon. I am not a Springer amn at heart anyway but I at least wanted one.
    Is there some instructions here Anthony as to taking it all apart to clean it all out from dirty pellet and oil scum after about 2000 rounds?



    I am happy for you Bro….
    Please if it shooting well for you STOP EVERYTHING and just shoot and have fun…

    The gun has been cleaned and lubed, you don’t have to worry about a thing except hitting your target..;.

    Thanks again for all your kind words.



    I also cut a piece of 1″ Rubber radiator hose to set the recoil pad on as I place it in my armory so the rubber ends of the recoil pad dont scrunch in on the bottom of my armory while it is placed upright.
    Im a picky SOB ain’t I 👿

    I will be in touch bro!
    I just need to shoot the hell out of it. 8)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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