Led light – what do you suggest?


I was going to make DIY led light with propriety collimator lens but after realising that propably current flashlight makers have little more knowledge on the subject I think will purchase something commercial afterall.

So what LED flashlight (or other) would you suggest?
What are the important details to check?

How many lumens are needed for upto 50m maybe 100m range with scope ?

Is there any specs to measure the light beam shape and spreading?

Any information would be welcome.




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quote AKULA:

McMike; One problem with LEDs; Blood trails don’t show up under the mono-chromatic light that most LEDs emit.

Thanks for informing. Actually that is not a problem since here in Finland we can’t hunt anything with airguns legally.

YN; You light setup looks very impressive. Thanks for detailed posting and tips!

McMike; One problem with LEDs; Blood trails don’t show up under the mono-chromatic light that most LEDs emit. If this is an issue for you, either carry an incandescent flashlight (torch for you Pound Sterling and Euro types) or purchase a LED system specifically designed to visually detect blood with the human eye. AKULA

If your happy with one single screw el cheapo mount, let me know.
I have a pair of mounts lying around, of which I only need one for a flashlight.
It’s kinda high though.
Shipping cost will do (5.2 € if you’re in the EU)


I am very happy with the Surefire 6p clone+ Cree led, it cheap as chips too ❗ 39euro delivered

Anyone got a Spare 1inch scope mount for sale ❓


I fixed the links.

Thanks YN. Great stuff on that link.
btw, Unfortunately the pic-links in your post are broken.

I couldn’t hold myself and ordered the flash already. Quite similar to surefire U2 (Ledwave X-11) I liked the compact and light design of X11 and it looks cool to fit into gun 😛

Waterproof, 1W LED with IC controller, 55grams, 93mm length, 30Lumens, 3 hours, Type 3 anodisation, etc. And if it’s good enaugh for military I think I can live with it 🙂

However it looks like all similar torches have on/off toggle on the rear so using it inside foregrip is not very convinient. I think I will just make a custom ring to hold it under gun.

On some review I read it has decent collimator and quite narrow beam with smooth fallout (no black ring in middle of course). The reach nor Lumen rating is not what you suggest but it’s a compomise between weight, size and battery life. I have other uses for it also so I think this fits them all with only small compromise.

Thanks again for great tips.

Mike, check out that link YN posted, the bottom one. Just get one of those upgraded Cree leds and the housing it comes with and mount it in the end of your foregrip. You have all kinds of room in that foregrip for the batteries and a built in switch. You could even use multiple batteries for some seriously long run times. The only concern would be any heat build up from the LED but you could add some ally in there for a sink or even make the entire foregrip out of ally.



Has a TON of information and very good substantial reviews of a large variety of regular flashlights, LED lights and LED conversion bulbs – The guy gives you runtimes, beam patterns, lumen ratings and all kinds of other info.

A 3 Watt Maglite LED will illuminate to 50 Yards no problem and are pretty cheap and you can get pressure switches for them.

You’ll want an LED that uses a single named LED to get to 100m – Either a Luxeon or a Cree, you dont want one of the clusters of small LED’s (5mm Nichia’s usually) as they are very good long running lights, but dont have the throw of a single Luxeon or Cree.

Look for a reflector (silver bit) that appears to be like orange peel with a mottled surface, that gives a nicer smoother beam without any nasty artificats, but it isnt that big a problem with LED’s as it is with an incandescant bulb, but still something to look for.

Any of the 2 x CR123 battery lights that uses a Luxeon or Cree bulb should work for you. I’d try and find one with a Lumen rating of more than 65.

This is what I use –


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