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    fell over these pictures…..think its good i started on a minilathe

    warning very graphic !


    Holy crap.


    when i bought my house it came with a full size lathe and a milling machine in the garage ive hooked them up to power but never used them
    they have been collecting dust for 3 years being that i dont know how to use them properly
    that picture really makes me respect them even more and reminds me to get proper training before i attempt to start using them
    thanks for the visual it will be a constant reminder not to just jump into things like im used to doing


    I run a CNC lathe for work.

    I think I will be even more careful after seeing this! Man, That’s the grosses thing I’ve seen in a machine shop. I have viewed safety films that were pretty bad, but nothing like that!


    I am a safety nut. Taking courses in highschool taught me and drilled into my head…No long sleeves, no loose clothing, no long hair, no rings, never leave key in chuck, never stand behind the thing you are cutting on a table saw. Use a push stick and always wait for the machine come to a complete stop.

    So far I still have all my fingers.


    yeah pretty gross….some of those machines have a shitload of tourque, even some of the smaller ones !…and can litterally pull your arm off

    but the minilathe can break you fingers too…..i came close when i was polishing a piece with a rag and some fine grit paste….the rag caughtsort of tied my finger in it….all while spinning on highspeed….a soar finger was all….could have been worse….

    the mill however has cut me several times allready….usually when off…and top of hand graces the endmill…..


    Didnt look ! but guess its the guy with no head!. The first place i started in had a bad record on safety. While i was there i saw one guy chop his finger off ,another cut his had in half on a vertical bandsaw and one idoit with gloves on, wire wooling a billet smooth in a lathe ?. Well the wire wool grabed the bar which wrapped around the gloves which started to pull the idiot into the big lathe at 500 rpm. I can tell you it was scary because i was that idiot 😀 , in my battle to keep my hand ,arm ,life ,i had to break my thumb at the knuckle to pull my hand out of the glove 😯 It woke me upto the fact that you and only you can be responsable for your safety ,that was the last time i wore gloves ,ive still got all my fingers but my thumb on my right hand cant touch my little finger 🙁 lol . We use to machine lead for the nuclear industry so its all heavy stuff , one guy turnning this billet of lead (weighing adout 4lb) got too heavy a cut on and the m/c spat the billet out which bounced on the cross slide hit the cast iron crossslide handle which broke off in the guys hand and then carried on to smack him clean in the nuts ! 😯 .It was one of the funnest things ive seen as he slowly collapsed to the floor with the handle still in his hand groaning 😀 still makes me smile now LoL


    Is that a file caught in the chuck?

    Maybe that is what started his really bad day.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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