Latest AAA.25 Condor

This bird is off to it’s new owner..

One last quick accuracy test before she gets boxed up.

Airforce Rifles/Pistols

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Very Impressive Tony!!! Tell me what you think of the Viper Scope. I’ve been thinking about trying one out.


Very sweet Tony, nice work… did you get my email yet? 😉

WOW… what a thing of beauty. Love that shroud!

So did you do a tune on this one or is that just with the .25 barrel?

Great job Tony!!!

I can hardly wait for my turn!

I like the tank cover/ but stock.

Oh yes that’s sweet!!!!!!! 😀

Soo nice 8)
I’m jealous… in a positive way 😛

Nice!And enough power to spare too.

Another fine rig Tony well done.

Bad Ass….! very nice. Love the photography as well. I try so hard to take good pics of my guns, but I fail miserably. I gotta say, Tony… your photography is as top notch as your guns. Very nice.

It looks like because the scope is so long, he needs it for the eye relief. Though he could bring the rings in a little closer to each other and slide the whole thing up a little while moving the Tri-rail back. The problem with that though is the scope wouldn’t be as stable as it is now.

Very nice,

why is the tri rail over hanging the scope rail so much?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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