Labor Day Shoot

Got together with my co-worker to do a little paper punching on our day off.He pulled out the Techstar and we set up for some long range testing.We pushed the target out to a lasered 103yds.And the groups from both guns were okay but the table we were using was kind of unstable so the grouping was off and on.We were both using .22cal 16gr JSB’s and he was shooting the Techstar from a shooting rest,and Iwas shooting the Rapid off a bag.I dont have any pictures of the target because by the time we finished the session we could not tell one group from the next.
[video src="http://s135.photobucket.com/albums/q143/sherrod833/?action=view&current=Default-1.flv" /]

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They are a nice bang for the price.The book says up to 38ft. lbs.And deadly accurate with 16gr. JSB’s.


How are those Techstars? Are they well made?

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