Kodiak trajectory

Hi, newbie post here. Just got my new condor and am extremely pleased so far. I’ve gotten 2 woodchucks out of my yard that were immune to my RWS 34 at 50 yards. Couldn’t hit them most of the time and when I did they just danced around and ran off with a little bee sting.
Anyway, this forum is a fantastic source of info. I’m already talking to anthony266 about a shroud and vented bushing and will likely send my rifle in for a full mod this winter.

Here’s the question. Anyone spent the time to plot a trajectory with the condor and kodiak pellets out to say 80 yards. I know the understand the power setting will affect this. I’ve been running mine at 8 or 9 to keep the beast subsonic.
I haven’t been to the range yet and without a shroud I can’t shoot too much around the house because of the noise.


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Sorry, thats with .20 cal Kodiaks out of a Condor with a 24″ barrel.


Riff your so right. I’m getting to the “instinctive” level with my open sights where i’ve taken some very long range shots.

The best way to learn the trajectory is to pick an accurate velocity, then never change it.

You ever hear the phrase, “Watch out for the man who owns only one gun”?

Thats because they shoot the same load all the time, and over time holdover becomes automatic. The brain just knows where to place the crosshair.

When I was a kid, I could shoot my .22LR extremely well to over 200 yards.
Not today. I spoiled it when I bought 35 other rifles and pistols.

Ive shot my Condor now since November, and holdover is getting to be very easy to calculate.

quote Mike17670:

I’ve got my pw set 7,top hat at .087 and I’m getting 1050 fps, with a fill of 2700 psi.

Mike17670 😀

That’s with Kodiaks? .22 cal. ? Condor?

I’ve got my pw set 7,top hat at .087 and I’m getting 1050 fps, with a fill of 2700 psi.

Mike17670 😀

B.W. Let me know if you wind up getting a chrony. I’d be interested in your numbers and settings with the Kodiaks. I’ve got some on order.

1100 fps on pw 6? Holy crap! I don’t have a chronograph but I guess I may get one. I assumed that pw 8 was less than that because it was a LOT quieter at that setting so I assumed I was subsonic at that level.

My condor shoots kodiaks 1100fps at pw 6. I just pretty much started shooting them.was shooting predators. huge difference turtle today at fiftyfive right in the eye! i love those things

Alas, I run mac os and it doesn’t appear this software come in nerd language

Go here and download chairgun2

You can play with the velocity and trajectory on it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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