Just want to say thanks.

Hi, Just want to say thanks for all the good information here. I bought a talon ss and learned alot from this forum. I was having so much fun I went out and bought another talon ss and put the 24-inch barrel on it. A whole different dimension. I would not have even considered modifying my gun before reading this forum. This forum sparked my curiosity. I have just scraped the tip of the ice berg. Thanks again.

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Spinj have you chronyed your condor ss with kodiaks? Just wondering what the difference is since the barrel is so short.

Welcome to the TAF…..

Glad to have you Bro..

My .22 Condor will blow a Kodiak or Eun Jin pellet completely through a 2×4 piece of wood even at 30 yards. 😈

Though the power is certainly there when I need it, I recently swapped out the 24″ barrel for a 12″ for the lightness and compactness it affords me. Now a Condor SS, it still is very powerful, though, with the 12″ barrel, as the difference between the regular SS and my Condor is the valve. You gotta love the Air Force rifles’ interchangeability and versatility! 🙂

Adam the 24-inch barrel will go through a 3/4 inch, 12 ply-plywood while the 12- inch barrel will go half way at 16 yards. I have the talon ss 12 inch barrel with an aim point ml3 red dot for close range to 50 yards, and the 24 inch barrel talon with a nikon 3-9×50 for long range to 100 yards. I shoot the 12 inch in my yard and the 24 inch when I go camping. The 24-inch is to loud and my yard is not big enough. The red dot seem like it would be good for hunting because of quick acquisiton. Its fun shooting with both eyes open.

Very Cool,

Get very flexible indeed. A lot more power with the 24″ isnt there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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