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Hey guys!, i havent posted here in a while, some of you might remember me, im the guy who had to replace the valve on his condor 3 times! 😆

BTW, that condor is gone now, i traded it for a .25 caliber Sumatra 2500R, and what can i say?? i absolutely LOVE that gun. I did have some accuracy problems with it at first, and it turned out to be an o-ring in the breech, wich caused air to escape when the rifle was fired, wich caused inconsistent velocity (and of course poor accuracy). I got the o-ring at a hardware store for about 5 US cents, replaced it from the breech without having to take the rifle apart, and VIOLA! problem solved.
The guy i did the trade with is also very happy with the condor, so it was a sweet deal for both of us. 🙂

NE way, i just wanted to say hi to all, and again thank all those who helped me out back when i was struggling to get that condor to work.


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Yep, youre 100% right WOK, this things are LOUD!, im planning on installing an “accesory” on the barrel thread, and in case of trouble, i guess i can quickly remove it and trow it away! 🙂
Besides, most cops here have less brains in them than my left nut. if i were to make the silencer in metal, and paint it so it doesnt look home made, i dont think the idiots would notice its not a part of the gun.

Oh yeah, I forgot you are in the ban gun crazy state. 😛

Depending on the person, some would bring me in, some would want to borrow it. 😛

It is easy enough to screw one on. But if it can screw on a barrel that is a big NO for my neck of the woods.

My talon SS screams silencer 😈

I would even settle for something screaming silencer. Just so long as it was quick removal. 🙂


You are not kidding. This thing is so loud I can only shoot it in the wilderness. If I can devise a way that does not scream…SILENCER! I would put a shroud on it.

Wok, your gun is good, but benzin’s has a much cooler name. 😛

Sexy looking stuff though, I’d love one, but it needs a shroud. 🙁


It is a really hammer. Spits out kodiaks at 1278fps

Thats a sweet looking beast WOK, is it a .22 or a .25?

I almost got a Sumatra but could not get passed the faux engraving scene. So I picked its cousin the Career 300. It to is killer

My apologies! i went on bragging about my new son but forgot to introduce him to you guys, here it is, .25 caliber sumatra 2500R.
Meet… THE BEAST (666) 😈 😈 😈

You know, i used to think that sumatras were the the ugliest gun even made, but they are much better looking in person that in those crappy pictures they have in most online stores.
Granted, it does not have the “black rifle” tactical look of some other rifles like my CFX, AF guns, FX Revo, etc. But in the “hunting rifle” style, it does look very good IMHO.
BTW, a pleasant surprise was, that the rifle comes with the necesary hardware to put a sling on it (you dont have to pay extra for it), all you need is the sling.
Cheers guys! 🙂

Thanks guys
That condor was really a pain in the ass for the first months. But i must say it was working very well when i traded it (had a new gen valve installed, polished the exterior of the barrel, and a few more little mods), you could fill it to 3000psi, and it would spit out eunjins at over 1000fps from shot one.
I guess thats why my friend (the one i did the trade with) is so happy with it.
So why did i traded it after all the work it took to getting working?

– I needed a repeater to be able to quickly fire at SEVERAL moving targets, wich usually appear in large numbers, 3 sometimes more (i do large size pest control.) 😈

– I dint like the safety, (inopperable with my trigger finger)

– the pistol grip was too thin for my hand.

I am very happy with the sumatra now, that thing is a god damn howtizer, works perfectly “out of the box” (except for the oring issue i mentioned), its accurate, and it somehow “fits me” better that the condor. (its more ergonomic IMHO)

LAMA, i havent been able to go to that place yet, but im hoping to go soon.

WOK, i remember seeing pictures of your Career 300, what i dont remember is, is it a .22 or a .25?

My airgunning needs are ALMOST satisfied, i got my CFX for short-mid range (below 70 meters) plinking & small game hunting without the hassle of refilling, the sumatra for very long range devastation ehhm i mean “plinking” 🙂 , and mid game hunting / pest control.
Now i only need a gun for “stealth urban ops” (like sniping pests from my window al long ranges), wich require a little more power that the CFX, but less noise, in a very compact package.
Im thinking TalonSS with aditional supression mods! 😈 😈 😈

Hey Benzin,

I have a Career 300 which has some similarites to the Sumtra and you are right they are great guns. Power crazy that is for sure and very hard to silence without looking like you are up to no good.

Have a good time and feel free to stop by anytime.

Hey benzin, how’s it goin?

After all that work on the condor you traded it out. 🙄 😛

Good thing your sumatra is working though. How are the dogs coming. 😈

Benzin; Welcome back. Sorry you had so many hardships with your Condor and a but with the Korean rifle. I’m glad everything worked out to everyone’s benefit. AKULA

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