Just_Fired_My_Newest_HOME_BUILD —

Just test fired my second homebuild.
25 Cal.
Lothar Walther barrel – 20 inch
With a Snap On / Snap Off safety
Got 65 Foot Pounds Energy Using 34.9 grain Eun Jin Pellets – First time, with no tuning.

Not Quite finished yet :
no top rail
no end cap
no grips

But all the stuff required to fire is there, and works smoothly.
I built this one with an extra long shroud, its got 9 inches of shroud past the barrel.


Top gun is my first homebuild 9 mm 180 Foot Pounds Energy
Bottom gun is the .25 cal.

Safety is shown in safe position. When ready to fire use trigger finger to pull safety back, and it snaps into a detent. Safety blocks the trigger, so it cant drop the sear.


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Very nice indeed! Thank’s for the look! MIke

Now that is a good christmas present.

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