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I just got a call From Pyramid Air. They are canceling back orders for JSB Exact pellets because they have no idea when they may get any. That has been apparent because every week they they change the in stock date. They have taken the 500 count tin off the web site. I bet when they get them in they will increase the price.

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They were at $14 per 500, but my SW has stopped carrying them much to my (somewhat verbal) dismay.

I think there is more to the story than my local store knows or will tell me.


Question- I know that the wolverines from Sportsman’s Warehouse are supposed to be JSBs, but the stores around here only carry them in .177. Are they available elsewhere in .22 and how much?

I’ve been using the Beeman Bearcubs from Sportsman’s Warehouse for the last few weeks and they are working great in my gun. As well as the CPs did. I wasn’t expecting much and I’m pleasantly surprised.

ohhh….and the funny thing is (looking over my shoulder and putting my foil hat on) there’s no shortage of JSB outside the US….weird isn’t it…its like some US distributor is deliberately keeping them in short supply to boost the prices….hmmmmm

the price of jsb has gone up but 250%….but the profit margins seems to have gone up by even more

at 15$ a tin pyramidair is making about 200% profit….since people still want them at that price i guess they gonne see if the can squese the cunsomer a little more….

dont buy into it…there a other great pellets out there even in the same weight class…Beeman FT for one….kodiak for the powerhungry….the airarms pellet is great too…one of them is relabeled JSB i belive….cant remember if its the field or hunter…and the crosman premier if you can find a die that shoots well…im not concerned about the look of a pellet…if they goup well at the distance im gonna use them, im all set.

there was a list of JSB that got relabeled…maybe someone has it…theres a lot of stores that buys JSB and put their own sticker on then tin….AOA (those bastards is one)…but also bigger retailers are doing it

people are afraid that the 500 ct tins will have the pellets masched…while i lived in Denmark…this was all i bought…and only a few had to be tossed…i would have no worries about buying the big tins

If you contact Crosman directly and tell them that the wrong pellets were in the box they will send you replacements at no charge.

The JSB’s that are listed at 21.99 are not the same ones. They are lighter.

I placed an order with Mac 1 for the JSB exact 15.9, 500 count. They are on sale for $11.40 Free shipping for orders over $100.

We could probably use some domestic entries in the market in the medium and heavier pellet area.[/quote]
wel in my opinion ived had it with crossman pellets all i get from them dosent work and their not cheep ether the cp i orderd came pointed and with a lead blob in the skirt and the cphp where under sized after those 2 they dont get me again il go with beeman and jsb best choise out there stil a couple out there to try. i always get pellets from straight shooter no problems and good fast shipping A+ from me.

Sportsmen’s Warehouse has the JSB under a different label,,, if you have one in your area.
Would expect some price increases since lead has been on an upward trend for the past couple years or so. There were some higher spikes some months past in 07 and that product is what is going on the shelf now. Last I looked lead was around $1.25 a pound, it was higher ~1.50 in Nov and there was a price spike in the summer of 07.
If you are buying OUS there is the currency issue in a number of places. Transport costs are also up. We saw price increases in pellets last year but it seems some places may be getting a little carried away.
In a tin of 500 JSP that would be a around $1.77 in lead cost. Course the process is fed with lead wire so one would have to add a bit more in raw material cost + processing + packaging + shipping etc.
We could probably use some domestic entries in the market in the medium and heavier pellet area.

For those who do not know about MAC1 pellet sale check it out. Good prices for all.

Maybe it’s time to support another vendor, someone who doesn’t want to improve their bottom line at the expense of yours?

As I see it we has a contract…one the refuse to honor. Prime stuff for a (lack of) class action action.

Then again, Tim has ’em in the WLL sale for $11.40/500:

Doug Owen

They called me in Jan 08 and said the same thing πŸ˜• and then they still have guys placing orders πŸ™„ they can do better than that.

Something about this whole thing seems crooked to me…

If you bought them at another price and they gave you a backorder, which i’m thinking is basically a rain check, you should get the items you ordered at the price you bought them at…

Or at least the option to wait it out, not a cancelled order and a raised price… WTF?!?!?!


Got that call as well. Had to sub with the old reliable Kodiaks. Still got the CPs for on backorder for $14.65 πŸ˜†

quote JPEG:

II bet when they get them in they will increase the price.

They already did. They had them listed at 21.99 before they took them off. I was one of the people that had them on back order at 14.99. 😑

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