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    I picked up a .25 cal Majestic from Randy RL great service by the way. Shoots very well after I let out the barrel band on the barrel , it was to tight and would throw a shot as air was used. Once that was done it is a great little rifle FPS is avg of 950 and accurate of 5/8 group at 50 yds. BUT this is not a back yard friendly gun as it is loud!!! . But again it is easy to cart around and a great woods gun, noise here is not an issue and you can put one of thier mods on it but I like the short easy swing. I only get 5 shots that hover at 950 then it goes down to hi 800’s for the rest of the mag. For my use it works out well, as a kid my dad only let me take out 3 shells to the woods to hunt so I did not waste any. It is a real handy rifle that appears to work very well. After about 400 pellets no problems. You could use a hand pump as the air tube is small. Hope the maker free floats the barrel at the factory, I think it would help out of the box. It is threaded at the muzzle for jk mod.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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