Is the power on the talon ss adjustable?


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Like WOK said it is adjustable, but a bit of a novelty, which wears off fast. When you change velocity to that degree the scope needs to be re-zeroed, grouping can suffer per the pellet used and what speed its shot at. Most guys dial the gun into their shooting preference and keep it there. Very versatile in alot of regards, you can spend the time to figure out how it shoots set at 1 with lighter pellets and dial the power wheel up 9-10 and use a heavier pellet and see where your at. All this takes a bit of time to do, but if you want lower power for indoor shooting and a higher setting for outdoor shooting it can be done.


It does shoot less on the lowest setting and higher on the higher setting. If you put it on low it is good for plinking around the house but not consistent. When you increase the power wheel setting it provides a preload to the spring and at a specific setting the velocity and accuracy become more consistent.

For example if I am shooting my gun on 2 it shoot around 600 fps but not very consistent in accuracy. When I increase it to 7 it shoots at 955fps and produces one hole accuracy.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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