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    I filled to 2700psi and shot 70 pellets at a power of 7 on the big scale 10 on the little. It seems like my groups are all one ragged hole at 35 yards, but when I try to hit something, it’s too high or too low. It’s like the gun can be consistent for 20 shots and then it’s off by an inch. Is this because I just got the gun? I’ve put a good 600 pellets through it so far. Do I need to buy a chronograph and adjust the tophat?

    Please someone help with the accuracy problems.




    When you say it groups fine at 35 yards, but when you try and hjit some thing its too low or high, are you trying to hit things less or more than 35 yards? Or when your shooting a group do you get the odd flier?

    Its normal for the pellets to hit higher or lower if your not shooting at your zero distance. Your going to have to shoot at different distances to see where the pellet lands (above or below the point of aim).

    I’d recomend downloading chairgun too –

    A chronograph isnt neccessary to be accurate, that just takes a lot of shooting and learning the gun.



    Slow and easy on the trigger and only use the part of the pad directly behind the finger nail. Do not hold your breath when shooting. I like to take a breath in and exhale, and shoot on the exhale. If you do not understand the ballistics of your pellet then you need to do some homework.

    Chances are it is your technique that is giving you the problem…practice, practice, practice….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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