Is .090" ideal for the Top Hat on a Condor?

Our friend Tom Gaylord says so. So it must be true!

“The other thing I checked was the clearance of the top hat. It’s set at the factory at 0.090″ clearance, and should be left there for best results.”

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Why does my rifle shift its aimpoint – Part 2


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With Gaylord his little pieces are entertaining but when he is blowing smoke and we don’t buy it he tries to place the blame elsewhere.

He will bag on people trying to modify their Condors but what he does not admit to is many people where modifying the Condor because AF had the wrong spring in the valve. Gaylord knew it, AF knew it but then they fault guys trying to get the Condor to shoot at advertised price.

Now with the problem fixed there are not many things that have to be done to get the Condor up to speed.

Hmmm…Gaylord leaves AF and not to long after the valve is improved. Maybe Gaylord was also blowing smoke up AF butt and they relied on him to make an honest assessment and took his word on it. He does claim to be the guy who fielded all the questions and made repairs.

Well, we all know the old Condor valves were spot on and just being used improperly, who knows why they changed it recently… 🙄

Didn’t you know Gaylord is god and what he says is the way it is, man WOK, what’s happened to you, doubting ‘The Man’ I mean really!!!!! 😆

I wonder if Gaylord has a Chrony? Better yet I wonder if he even really shoots the things he reviews…

Must be nice to have so many airguns you can’t tune them for lack of time, it would probably behoove him to actually fiddle with what he reviews, or he will only be for total greenies and ignored by those that have an idea about the way these things work.

Lets just say AF is, in a way, shooting themselves in the foot with someone like this and answers like that…

Ah man, now here I go! 😀

Well I know it works great with the .062 rubber shim when I shoot JSB pellets in .22. Consistent, and cheap on air.

But without the shim its a total waste of air and inconsistent as hell.

I closed it to .080″ and it is shooting great with the .25 cal. Any closer and I lose velocity fast. Still getting 40+ shots with a fill.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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