Inexpensive cheekpad

Well just changing my .22/.25 Condor configuration again to stuff I need as opposed just adding bling and found I wasn’t getting a comfortable cheek weld when using the bipod.

So spent 30.00 on a Blackhawk cheekpad at the local Tactical shop, one day I will buy one of those beautiful covers from Tony.

Love the feeling now!! Used a stitch ripper to to remove the shell holder from the right side pouch which now holds my foam insert with pellets.

So this will work on anything and adds some comfort.


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dremeled it out and then made a new trigger guard to fit the grip to add more rigidity


Thanks for the post Randy. Love the grip! M-16? Looks great on there. How did you attach it?


Wow that is a nice 410 YN!
Good idea I will add my Chairgun printout for shooting. 🙂


Nice Randy,

I was looked for one with some padding like that one, but this is all I could find –

Didnt do anything for my SS so I put it on my 410, now it holds my spare magazines and a notebook with hold overs and other data on it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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