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    Since we seem to have somewhat of an international representation here I post this question:

    What type of restrictions/laws are there for importing airguns from other countries into the USA?
    More specifically, if I were to travel to another country would I be able to purchase an airgun there and bring it back to the States?


    Shouldn’t be a problem, especially if your transporting it yourself. As far as I know its best to give the airlines a heads up and make sure its transported in a solid case. Will be checked into the baggage hold and might get a look over, but so long as it has zero air inside and no pellets in the case with it you shouldn’t have any issues.


    i have flown with several airguns

    and the airlines dont know what they want from you

    some want a lockable case, some dont
    *i had 2 rifles in unlocked cases go right through on different occations…came out on the conveyor belt with all the other luggage
    *after i read the rules on what the american airlines want for firearms which states the case must be locked and key handed over to personel for inspection….those 2 rifles…got stopped, and i didnt get them until the day after, 2 locks where broken and case taped together since the hinges was messed up

    ammo in the case….is fine, just let the airline know…they may have to be in a special box depending on airline
    *the case broken open above (after the inspection in the US) had 9mm ammo for a career, this is what i suspect them of braking the case open to check.

    this might be iceland air specifict….but after alot of transfers i finally got to talk to the actual inspector of the rifles at the airport…he said

    *no pressure in the rifle
    *if possible open tank/resivoir for inspection (i have pulled the endcap of the resivoir on both AA410 and careers to prove empty, plus on paper taped to rifle indicated how they could check
    *they dont trust the pressure guage
    *leave paper in case with owner, adress, rifle type and any addictional info that you might think is helpfull (springers i would leave note saying do not dryfire)
    *on the outside put adress label, both home and vacation adress

    some airlines wont accepts rifles no matter what, so make sure to check

    when walking through the airport with rifle in its case…i suggest you have the cases locked, but when checking it in, remove locks/unlock it

    when buying a rifle in european countries they are often low power versions UK has 12 fpe as a max, sweeden is even lower, germany is even lower yet, denmark and norway is unrestricted for the time being.

    if your buying rifle in germany or sweeden, ask for the full power parts which they may supply, but not install…so you get it as parts in a bag for you to install once in a country where its legal


    Thanks cygnus,
    I was actually going on a trip to Sweden in the near future and was wondering about the FX guns and if they would be any cheaper than buying one here in the States. Not sure because the USD is so crappy everywhere right now. I take it that other countries in europe sell to citizens other than their own?

    Great tip on the power parts.



    Kamikazi; The rules for each airline change often. The rules for clearing customs for each country change often also. I suggest you call both the airline you’re flying and each country’s customs office for clarification and what the current rules are. Get the full names of the individuals you speak with. That seems to get their attention and they pass better information. Websites are fine to check but they may not be updated with the latest rules and regs.

    Cygnus X stated that ammo in the same case with the gun is acceptable. Not always, so check with the airlines and countries you’re passing through. Both airlines and sovereign states have limits but you should be fine with an airgun. Most American air carriers have a 12 lb limit for ammunition.

    Also, ensure you declare both the weapon and the ammunition. I’ve been accosted by TSA for not declaring bullets…even when I did. Ensure both the weapon and ammo are tagged by TSA here in the states.

    I hope this helps! AKULA

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