i wish i could shot like him, share some good shot stories

i ran into this on youtube,

i have seen a bird shot in mid air with a pump up crosman, we were down by the river and the birds would skim the water for bugs, we both sat there for an hour shooting at them, waiting for them to head towards us and finally my cousin got one in mid air. we were about 12 and that is when my love of air rifles started

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its a standard talon ss no modifcations, i think it has to do with the location he is shooting at. when i shoot in my back yard my guns sound quite but when i took them out to a my uncles house in michigan to do some shooting i couldnt even hear them, well not as loud as in my back yard

One of the best I ever did was with a benji. pump and a steel dart on a jack rabbit in full gallop at about 40-50 yards and shot him right in the spine, took out his rear drive. A friend and me chased that SOB down and finished him off. Good thing we were young or we never would have caught him even with only his front legs. Monday (26th) I took a squirrel at between 80-100 yards out, he was standing on the top of a rock outcropping and I thumped him hard.

Probably just the camera not picking up noises well. I’ve seen videos at the firing range with the same guns that I own, and they don’t sound bad. In real life, you can’t hear a thing after you shoot it.

I shot a bird out of midair once with my cfx. Don’t remember what it was, but it was going through the wood on a path to go straight over me, I lead a little and shot. Just fell out of the sky. I thought it was pretty cool. 🙂 Granted, I probably couldn’t do it again, but still fun. 😛

That is so. I wander how he got his gun that quit without a shroud? even with the washers, and springs inside my frame, it isn’t that quit.

yes there was a wire that the birds were shot at.

it’s a good distance.

I think there is a telephone wire that those two birds are sitting on.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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