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    I’ve been waiting for the right minute to get into the PCP game, and long decided at Talon SS was what I wanted. So when Strider posted up his rig for sale last week, I jumped on it. So I got the SS, an Airhog LDC, a SCUBA tank with a yoke, a tri-rail and a Swift 6-18×44 scope. I finally got outside to put a few pellets downrange just to get a feel for the, uh, lead dust. First mistake was shooting the thing with the LDC in place in the beginning. I should have fired it un-corked first, to get a sense for how, uh, dusty the thing is. I was stunned, actually. The 6″ LDC does a good job of, uh, collecting lead dust.

    I can tell I’m gonna have some fun this weekend. Hope my air holds out till Monday!

    Next week: MODS.


    Congratulations… You’re hooked now. Next step… .25 barrel from Tony and a Condor bottle. 😈


    Congratulations! You’re going to love the accuracy of that rifle. Get it set up right and enjoy it!


    congrats on your setup !

    ohh and you dont need a condor bottle to power a .25 barrel

    my favorite setup with the .25 is with a SS bottle, bunch of shots power in the 50’s off course adding a condor bottle will up the power well into the 70+ fpe for maximum power


    Nice one, your rig had some great shotstrings. congrats.



    Great buy and good luck.

    Like the rest of us, you will need AF Rehab soon.

    Your hooked Brother.


    It seems like just a few weeks ago I got my first Talon SS and fell in love for the first time, OH DAMN…… IT WAS! lol
    Congradulations on the rig and have fun.


    You’r going to be hooked in a good way! Congrat’s

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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