I missed it so much,I bought again

Since I got rid of it,there was something about it I always missed.I had been searching for a good deal on one and finally found one on T.O.G. and jumped on it.The main reason for selling the first one was that I could not get it quiet enough.So this time I have ordered a full shroud from Tony at Talon Tunes.And will be adding a 18″ barrel.

But for now I have put in some leftover baffles that I had rom the first one.I have it set at about 760fps with 16gr penetrators with the power wheel on 2 because of the noise level.And grouping very good at 40yds with the Nikko 6×24/56 scope.I have ordered some shorter scope mounts because I cannot quite get it zeroed.

You just cannot beat the portability of the talon ss and this time it is here to stay.

Talon/Talon SS

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quote BADSLAW:

Nice unit Sherrod.

he said nice unit………..BING BING BING gaydars going off…………

Nice unit Sherrod. Hope yo see you bust a few skulls with that heater..

Ahhhh… they always come back, like a boomerang. I’m regretting selling my Condor 🙁 even though I still have an SS 😀

quote Sherrod833:

Where can I find those to fit a 30mm scope?


Unfortunately you would need a rimfire to weaver adapter. These are great rings but a little expensive. No ring marks or stress on the scope tube.

Funny little guns that keep coming back. I had Tony make me a 16″ barrel. I have up 2″ because quiet was more important then a little more power. Besides when noise is not an issue I can set it up like an SS and kick some ASS.

Most places I shoot quiet is better. He made me an 8″ frame extension and I can shoot it on full power with out bothering he neighbors. I am shooting 950+ with CP’s and the valve mod I did gave me back the FPS I lost going 16″ instead of 18″.

When I shoot it on 2 it will send CP’s out around 550-600 very quiet but not as consistent on that low setting. If I turn it up to around 3-4 the consistency is good but still very very quiet.

I am still enthusiastic I went with a frame extension and 16″. It is longer then the SS of course but exactly as long as the AA410

Where can I find those to fit a 30mm scope?

You might try the Burris Signature ZEE mounts that use the inserts to get it lower.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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