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    Last July I began a quest for a powerful, accurate air rifle. It had to be better than my 15 year old Benjamin 392. I started with a Gamo CFX and was not happy with its performance. Then I ordered a Beeman R9. It was heavy but the power was not as good as I expected, and it the mainspring began making this grinding sound when I cocked it after only 250 shots; it went back. The quest goes on.

    I had begun reading the posts on this forum and liked what I read from its users. You people seem like a good group of guys and are helpful. Two things sold me on a talon SS:
    1). Someone had posted some of the DVD that comes with AF guns.
    2). The videos of that guy who bagged all of the squirrels; too cool!

    So, I am now a proud talon SS owner and am looking forward to learning about this great air rifle.

    My Talon SS seems to have a narrow velocity window. On pw setting 2-1, I get 767 fps. On pw setting 8-1 I’m getting 848 fps with CP’s. Is this normal?

    Thanks for any info.


    Way to go Steve and welcome…

    Do’nt get too hung up on the powerwheel. Set it to 8-9 and fill to 2800psi.
    Then check your chrony strings.

    Some proven performing pellets from light to heavy are the….

    Crosman Premiere
    Jsb Exacts
    Beeman Kodiaks
    Eun Jin heavies

    Good Luck


    Woohoo! You are going to have some fun with that bad boy.

    Yes what you are finding out about the PW is it is not so much a power wheel as it is a preload for the spring. Now let me give you a couple of tips if you do not mind.

    1. Shoot that gun until you can stand it and dont do any modifications with it. If it is shooting well then you are set. I had mine for a couple of years before I did any modifications for it mechanically. Your Airforce warranty is in effect until the gun is modified or disassembled. So play with it as long as you can until you just have to modify it…then more fun starts

    2. If you want to make it even quieter I suggest you take a look at the quick reference section and look at the way Yellow Ninja uses springs and 1″ fender washers to quiet the gun down.

    Have fun and “Aim small, Miss small”


    Thanks guys! I have tried one of my favorite ballistics tests. I fill 1 gallon milk jugs with water and place them one behind the other. A 28 grain eun jin pellet penetrated two jugs and I found it in the third. Usually the best I get is one and a half jugs. That’s pleasing.

    I do plan to shoot it for a while before I do anything to it. It is quiet enough for me and 767 fps on that low setting is plenty for now. It is also efficient. I don’t know how many shots I got out of it but my son and I shot for over an hour and swissed cheesed many cans at distances out to 35 yards. Our max distance for now.

    I am also learning how to use this forum. I am open to advice and criticism. I am not so great as to be above improvement, so let her rip!


    What does the “LA” stand for?


    Los Angeles…I tried to go with Steve in L.A. but the site told me “alpha numeric characters only”. So no periods, commas, etc..


    Then we are neighbors.
    I am in Chino.


    I have rats, squirels, and rabbits that I consider pests. I have bagged 30 rats in the last month (primarily with my 392, and a Gamo Shadow.) My neighbors property is overgrown and a perfect home for them. I ran out of ground squirrels months ago. I have thinned out the tree squirrels, and I only eliminate the rabbits that insist on eating my lawn down to the ground. They seem to understand this and eat my neighbors grass instead of mine. I try to leave them for the hawks, owls, and coyotes; they gotta eat too.


    Welcome to the forum Steve.

    Adam and Tony basically answered all your questions for now… but if you have anymore questions as you use the gun more feel free to ask. We were all new to PCP’s and AF guns ourselves at one time.



    Ok guys, if 2800 psi is the upper pressure, what is the lower pressure? When should I recharge?

    Hmm…why not charge up to 3000 psi?

    I rented a scuba tank but it had a bad O ring. When I took it back, I showed the guy my AF tank and fill adapter. He connected it to a tank that he had just filled and pressurized it to 3200 psi. This horrified me as I thought that the pressure bursting disk would let go. Fortunately it did not rupture. When I told him about the pressure bursting disk, he told me that they usuall let go at 3500 psi. Is this true?

    Thanks again


    Yeah, their limit is a decent amount higher than 3000psi. I wouldnt recommened that though….

    3000psi can sometimes cause problems. Valve might not open because of something called valve lock – too much pressure to open the valve so you get really low powered shots until the pressure gets down.. and usually it starts shooting normally at 2800psi. So its better if you just start there to begin with. By all means try 3000psi if you want, yours might work fine from 3000psi.

    WHen to refil is simply a matter of.. when you want too. Some guys shoot 50 yards so they refil when they notice even a slight change in POI and other guys shoot short range and wont notice a POI changed for ages.

    WHen you notice a POI change and you feel a need to refil to keep the gun where you want it, then refill. I just make a note of how many shots I get before I would notice a change of POI if I were at the range and refill when I get there. I dont really care what the pressure is.


    Well that is a great explaination. I am afraid i’m going to jinx this thing. Well here goes…mine seems to work fine with a full 3000 psi charge. But I have tremendous respect for the body of experience that you gentlemen have amassed. I am going to try the 2800 psi start pressure and see what happens. I was able to attain 848 fps with a full charge, and beeman silver bear pellets, (12.6) grains, pw setting 8-1.

    This morning I was setting up for a possible first squirrel and my sighter shot with the silver bear pellet went exactly where I wanted it to go. I was impressed as it was my “cold shot”, (first shot of the day). I didn’t chronograph it, but it exploded the soda can full of water that I use as a benchmark type target.

    Thanks again.


    Congrats Steve! looking forward to reading some hunting stories from you? Cool to hear your out shooting with your son too…that is awsome!

    Love the SS! Jim.


    Thanks! I started both my son and daughter with a Daisy “Pal”. It’s actually one of the first BB guns that I bought from another kid when I was in 7th grade. I think I gave him $5 for it. I have taken care of it for all of these years and it still works. Then I played “A Christmas Story” for them, and of course bought them Red Ryders. We went across the street to the undeveloped hillside where I taught them more gun safety and how to play kick the can with a BB gun. They loved it.
    Next I aquired a Stevens single shot .22 which I cut the stock down to fit them. The first thing I did was demonstrate the leathal power of a bullet even as small as a .22. I shot a grapefruit with a hollow point, and of course it shredded it. Then I shot a bar of soap. That produced a small hole in front and an inch and a half hole in the backside. Then I shot an apple which literally exploded. They got the message.

    As they got better, I bought the girl a henry youth model lever gun in .22lr. I bought the boy a Henry survival rifle (AR-7). He’s younger and required a light weight piece. We have spent many an hour at the range. My daughter is a crack shot but gets bored after just thirty minutes or so. But my son will stand there all day shooting with me. He’s got the gene.

    However, I can’t very well shoot pests with a .22 in my suburban neighborhood. A problem that many of us have. But my 392 has served me well. It does however require endless pumping for target shooting. So last year I bought two crosman 2250 B rifles. One for my brother, and one for me. Well my son shot mine and that was it; he glaumed on it straight away. So I bought two more. One is new in the box in storage. My daughter asked me to get her one for this Christmas just a few weeks ago, (kind of my plan when I bought the other two). Oh yeah, I put 3X9 32mm telescopes on them.

    Time for a hunting story…My brother was comming to visit one morning. His arrival coicided with not less than four tree squirrels in my pine tree. I took a 2250 B stoked with Beeman Crow Magnums and shot one of them just as my brother was knocking on my door. I told him, “come on, I just got a nutter!” We went into the back yard just in time for me to put the final shot into him. He fell like a rock.

    Then the most extrodinary thing happened. The other three nutters started barking away at me. I guess that they were mad at me. So, I reloaded and poped number two who fell dead never to move again. Then, number three continued barking at me, so I popped him. Again it fell dead. Then number four sat there carrying on the same protest. So I shot at him. This one scampered away not fast but definitely took his leave. I don’t think that I hit him. My brother however thinks that number four was hit and ran off to die elsewhere. All of these shots were ten to twenty feet away. They were almost too close for the use of telescopic sights, even on low power. I was amazed that they stayed. It is a joke between my brother and I that the squirrels were saying, “me next, me next”, or “shoot me, shoot me!). He was sold on the 2250 B right then and there. I know that this story is a little unbelievable, but I don’y have a good enough imagination to make upp this stuff.

    I don’t take pictures like you guys do. I am afraid to post such pics. I am worried that PETA or some other group is going to come to my door. Here in California people are over the top save the critters at all costs. Obviously, I don’t agree with them. Varmits are just that and I deal with as efficiently as possible. I am reluctant to poison these pests as the hawks and owls perish from eating poisoned rodents and I have no desire to inadvertantly kill there birds of prey.

    I get a little long winded; sorry. If you like my stories, I’ll post more in the hunting section. Actually I have a bunch, but nothing bigger than rabbits…yet.


    Good story. Thanks

    Funny I call the whackos here “Nutters”

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