I have created a monster!

Well It thinks it’s a Condor, so I’ll post it here.
It is modified in my small machine shop. So it could go there. It’s originally a ss. so it could go there.

Here is the problem. If you can call it that?

She doesn’t want to shoot at good velocity above 2700 psi. And does great down to below 2000. Saves on a lot of trips to the Scuba shot this way. But after re-working the valve again, I can’t believe the numbers I’m getting.

At 2600 She is putting out over 50 fps. I can get her to 60 fpe. This is with an 18″ Bbl. in the talon frame and a talon tank and valve.

She will throw the JSB’s at 1150’s to strt with. Setteling down to a good string of 1080-1090’s.

Koidiaks will start at 1105 or so. And setteling in in the low 130-140’s for a while. After she goes well below 2000psi, she is still putting out the J’s at 980-990’s, and the Kodiaks in the 930’s.

I thouught the chrony was screw up, so I shot the old 15 yr. Plus chinese under leaver .177 to check it out. Same as always. 510-520’s with daisy lights. No idea the weight of the .1777’s. They have beel laying aroujnd for years in the shop.

Here is a pic of the Chrony on shot number two with the 15.9 jsb’s .

Any imput is welcome. I’m a little lost here. I know the experience I have with porthing cylinder heads for Drag Racing works on heads, but WOW!!! It does the same for the Talon valve!!!By the way, this is the buffing room at my Knife shop, so it is a filthy place! Mike


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Yep! you were right! Re-tested without any florescent lights on in the shop. She went 990’s at a 2900psi fill. Thanks for putting me stright!


Thats what i was thinking. When i mentioned my test, they were on in the room, but had incandescents over the sky screens. Still registered very high 100+fps, something about the flourescents blinking faster then the eye sees the blinking.

Hey BD! Yeah. The florecents weren’t above the chrony, but there were several on nearby. Probably the way they cycle. oddly, the old springer shot where it always does.


That sucks, but explains alot. I tried the flourescents once just to see what happened. Why, because they say don’t do it, it really has a adverce effect on your shot string 😕 . I use 2 shop lights with 75watt incandescents, cords wrapped around a water pipe and suspended just above the sky lights. There can be no flourscents on in the room. Send me a PM with your address i’ll send a spring. You’ll be able to open the valve fully with 3000psi in the tank, do you have a stock hammer or a heavier one?

Ahh! I didn’t know that. Yes there were florecent linghts on in the shop. I will re-test with none on. This is just too much velocity. I’ll re-post when I get some numbers! BD at one time you said somthing about sending me a lighter spring. I would indeed like to try one.

On the count. I didn’t shoot a full string thru the chrony. I do know that I get around 30-35 before I see a drop in impact point at 50 yards. Then it levels out for another 15-20 before I have to re-fill. but 30 solid shots at original point of impact.


I was refering to what pics of the valve work, if you say its getting those numbers, i have no reason to see a pic of the chrony. No flourescent lights were on i assume, i know this will increase velocity.

Those numbers are way up there for sure with a talon valve? How many shots will you be able to get out of the tank?

Did you put in a lighter spring in the valve also?

Oh I didnt forget you mentioned it was a talon valve, was just giving you real world Condor specs to compare to.

You said you “ported” your valve? Explain that some?

If its flow polished, would make sense why you are getting great power. I’ve seen similar results when I worked the heads on my Cleveland.

Thanks BD! Pig?

Also Riff raff please remember, that this is a Talon. Not a Condor! I was wanting to go to a Condor valve, but I am wondering now, Why?..

I’ll Probably need a Condor valve with a .25 when I get one. But the FPE is so high, I am wondering if I really need to do that.

BD. Did the pix not load? I posted two of the Chrony reading. At least they are showing here.


Riff the majic number is the 18″ barrel mikes using. He’s giving up around 60fps to the 24″.

Post a string when you can Mike, a pic wouldn’t be bad either. 😉 Its good to see my kid ain’t the only pig out there either.

Your velocities do not seem unreasonable at all. My Condor shot 16gr pellets in the 1100’s all the time, Kodiaks sometimes over 1100 but usually 1050ish. I started using shims behind the tophat to control velocity because of it, and with the .22 barrel made my gun very consistent and controllable.

Ive recently been shooting my .25 without refilling. I will have a nitrogen tank and fill station next week so I have been counting shots since my last fill.

Today I fired shots 96-99 and finally velocity dropped into the mid 600s. Up until shot 70, I was still hitting high 800s with 31gr Kodiaks.

When the pump was still working, I would fill to 2800psi and refill after shot 40. I was always down to 1800psi then. I bet now Ive gotta be below 1000psi and it just keeps shooting.
Gun is getting very quiet now, almost sounds like its not actually shooting anything. Im not sure when the valve will dump, but I bet its soon.

Here is the Kodiak reading. I tried Crossman Pr. but man, they went super sonic big time! Way too loud!!!

This shot was number 4 on the 2600 psi fill.


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