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    I am starting a new thread on this so as not to piggy back on some one elses thread below about his Condor SS being hard to cock.
    I did this mod to my Condor SS so I can cock and de-cock anytime plus the safety does not reset automatically. You can go back to the original setup at anytime as nothing is actually changed.
    On these new guns you can see the little toggle link sticking up inside the gun if the breech is removed. When you cock the gun it forces the safety back and sets it. When the breech is closed you can then take the safety off to fire but you can’t open the breech and pull the trigger because the breech pushes on the toggle which pushes the safety back. The top pin in the frame where the front of the breech would be is the pin and all it holds in is this little toggle link about 3/8″ long. I just drove the pin out and dropped the toggle out then reinstalled the pin. Here are some pics.


    Thanks for sharing.

    So now the hammer can be replaced from the back? I hate to remove barrel to change hammer.


    :8: Thanks for posting that


    Good find! That was a big turn off to the new rifles!


    So that little toggle just pushed the safety back to the ON position and that’s all? Same thing happens when you just cock the rifle. This toggle seems a stupid idea by AF.

    I guess they didn’t learn that their safety isn’t really a safety at all.

    Thanks for this post. Now Doug can build bigbores with the new design. 😉


    thanks for the heads up. I’m still getting to know mine.


    Will this work on the new Talon SS also ? I see a pin in the same location.


    Is the concern about the gun setting awhile in the cocked state that the spring will take a set? Or maybe you need to change the bottle after it is cocked? I’m new to the condor so this may be a dumb question. I pull the trigger as I close the bolt on all my centerfire guns after unloading them to relieve the firing pin spring if they are going to be put up a long time.


    Exactly. And many here don’t have a place to discharge a gun once cocked. So un-cockiing is desireable for saftey. Having to leave a gun cocked is bad buisness.
    You would be amazed how many hunters, shooters, gun store employees have no idea a bolt action can be uncocked. Damed strange to me. DUH!!! 🙄

    The only gun I carry cocked is a 1911. 😈 😉


    I just did this mod on my Talon ss….It is awesome! Very smart Randy. Easy enough to do and so worth it!!


    I don’t know why this isn’t a more standard feature on high end air rifles…


    I find it ridiculous to NOT be able to un-cock or decock a rifle, be it air or powder burner.
    Also, be responsible to put on & off your own safety! Auto safety is an insult.

    Just to add to the procedure of removing the toggle link, Make sure you drive the pin out from the right side of the frame to the left, so you can reuse it. And don’t lose the pin like I did!!


    Hey Randy – can you post of pic showing exactly where the pin is located by the breech that needs to be removed?


    I know I have been looking at an AR6 just cause they seem to be the only air rifle that you can cock, then uncock, and THEN remove all ammo in good shape with out having to push the pellet out out of the barrel. I wish air gun engineers would make more rifles with that in mind.


    very easy i should make a video on this

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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