How To Deal With An Individual That Doesn’t Follow Through

Just curious how others have dealt with this situation. I am out 200 bucks. Individual won’t retun calls, emails or faxes. It has been months.

The individual had great feedback and reputation. I bopught based on that and paid fair price. Product had quality issue. Finally agreed to accept the return on the product. I agreed to take credit towards other airgun items. We struck an agreement and not it’s been 4 months. THe individual confirmed he returned the item to his supplier for credit before he would agee to credit. So I am sure he didn’t loose any $.

It sucks to loose out when the reason I bought from this individual was reputation and thought that I was giving business to a old TOG supporter. Pyramid was the same price when you used the 10% deal.

Any suggestions!

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I agree with Lama (NMR). Keep up the pestering and you’ll probably get your bucks back. I bought a part for my car through eBay and it never showed. It took six months of pestering but my money finally showed up. AKULA

Yeah I am staying cool but it has been months.

The person in question is no longer in the airgun buisness.
That is no excuse for you not to get what is yours.

I would be consistent in the communication and cool.

I have done a lot of buisness with him and can assure you he is not a cheat, he just got overwhelmed and washed his hands of the buisness.

Good luck,

If I can help let me know.

I also was going to buy something from someone in the for sale section I sent messages and everthing was a go but I doubled checked and they had just signed up for membership so I gave him a call and he acted like we never spoke threw pm about the purchase before so I asked him if he would do a C.O.D. and he hasn’t answered me in a week.

I’m in agreement with Cygnus. Share what you can about the identity of this person, and prevent someone else being taken.

Take a long weekend, show up at their door, and stand there until you get what you want. 😛

On a more serious note, I say just email once or twice a week. Eventually you will bug them to the point they’ll do whatever you want to make you stop. I think I know who you are referring to, and if so, do like teffy said and just keep on top of it. If you are talking about who I think you are, they’ll pull through in the end. Just might take a little longer than you’d like.

when all options are explored….but failed

i would do my part to make sure other people didnt fall into the same trap, you dont have to unvail all his personal info…but his real name and nickname would at least give people a chanche to stay away from him/her

Montster, I think I know to whom you refer, and my best advice is to stick in there and stay on top of it as this is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened with said party, but they have always, to the best of my knowledge, resolved the issues in the end.

Bummer, this ties in with the whole buy ‘local’ thing…

Why should buy ‘local’ I when ‘local’ is 20% more and usually out of stock…

I’m supposed to take money out of my pocket to support someone else, yet I don’t find anyone paying an extra 20% into my pocket…

I buy from the cheapest, closest source that has what I want…

ALWAYS try to buy from a company at least then you have some recourse, with an individual your possibly just giving money away.

I know this may be harsh, but you just got harshed by simply trying to help out an individual when you could have a replacement item in your hands right now for the exact same price…

Buying off the internet is the equivalent of buying drugs off the street corner, you can NEVER really trust what is going on and there is a super high chance of getting ripped off…

I hope you get this worked out!!!


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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